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Beauregard Arc : 

Beauregard Arc

Beauregard Arc : 

Beauregard Arc Has provided faithful service to the DeRidder and surrounding areas since 1963

What is BArc : 

What is BArc BArc promotes and provides work and work training skills which enhance the lives of our participants and allows them to be seen as productive and active citizens in the community. Each individual is a person of worth and value with skills, talents, and strengths which they can contribute to the community.

Beauregard Arc Services : 

Beauregard Arc Services Vocational/Habilitation Day programs Adults with developmental challenges are provided opportunities to enhance their social, behavioral, and self-help skills (For example: turning out lights, using telephones, etc.)

Beauregard Arc Services : 

Beauregard Arc Services Supported Employment A program to help participants obtain competitive employment within the local community Lawn Maintenance Crew City Maintenance Crew Work at Local Businesses Sewing Department Recycling

Beauregard Arc Services : 

Beauregard Arc Services Prevocational Skill Participants learn essential skills and gain confidence needed to find, choose, and keep employment within the community. The consumer is trained in the area of communication, safety, money management, and other skills. Transportation Participates receive transportation assistance to and from work/training when necessary.

Beauregard Arc Services : 

Beauregard Arc Services Day Program Allows families with an opportunity for relief to attend to their own personal needs.

Beauregard Arc Services : 

Beauregard Arc Services New Opportunities Waiver (NOW) Supports Waiver Education/Family Support Advocacy Information and Referral

Accomplishing Goals1963-2010 : 

Accomplishing Goals1963-2010 Assist more citizens Increase services Increase public awareness of BArc activities and services Move to New Location at 211 Mahlon Street Current Building Future Building

How Your Contributions Help : 

How Your Contributions Help Allows us to provide our clients with: Sufficient Work Areas Increasing Opportunities for Client Employment & Productivity Habilitation Areas Providing Increased Variety of Independent Living Training Expanded Kitchen/Restroom Areas Addressing Current Inadequate Facilities The Addition of Private Office Spaces Facilitating Confidentiality & Quality of Client Services The Addition of a Conference Room For Community Resource Networking Current Facility Future Facility

Benefits of New Building : 

Benefits of New Building Ensuring Client Confidentiality Improving Accessibility & Building Safety Enhancing Client Habilitation Increasing Client Work Opportunities Improving Staff Productivity & Quality of Services

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