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Barcelona holidays | Do and see in Barcelona | Places to visit in Spain We offer you a unique and different way of exploring Barcelona the beautiful Catalan capital.Known for its medieval art and literature and more importantly its magnanimous multi ethnic population a quick holiday to Barcelona should be on the top of the “to do” of any person who enjoys travelling and exploring as Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and sought after destinations in Spain. Barcelona and the other Catalonian islands remain a treasure trove for avid travelers from not only Spain but the whole of Europe. Set on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea Barcelona is inviting and enticing for a traveler who wants to feel the warmth of this mesmerizingly charming water bodies and at the same time wants to enjoy the beautiful cultural richness of Spain. A holiday at Barcelona and nearby areas will leave you relaxed and satisfied and at the end of it we assure you that you will be left wanting for more. Barcelona and Catalonia have rich history tracing back to the 9 th century A.D when they started shaping up as cultural centers with their own unique identity quite distinct from the rest of Spain which is most apparent in the variance of language spoken in Spain which is ofcourse Spanish and while in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia people are found speaking Catalan which has French influence. As the city developed as a port city the oldest areas lie towards the sea and visiting them will give you a unique sense of nostalgia. To those of you who love to shop a visit to Gothic Quarter will certainly leave you pleased as it is a thriving and busy market place downed with local shops and eater kiosks while the Raval area on the other side of the boulevard is a hub for posh designer shops and slick cafes perfect for those who wish to indulge themselves with extravagance.

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If site seeing is your thing Barcelona is definitely the right place for you. And if architecture arouses your curiosity then Catalonia is where you should be spending your holiday as there is a lot of architectural heritage for you to explore. A visit to Sagrada Familia Casa Mila and Casa Calvet is also a must when visiting Barcelona.

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