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About me I Need a change Heroes from che past How’s your memory Health and body Special talents At the movie reflexions Rosangel Menolascina

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Unit 7. I Need A Change Get A New Haircut I Spleep A Lot I Would – I’d You Would – You’d Change And Drean Messy

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Admire Unit 8. Heroes from the past intelligent Good father Great grandfather Good mem He Likes Helping People Who Need His Help And Save The World Heroes And Modern Day Heroes

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Unit. 9 How’s your memory

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Unit. 10 Health an body

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Unit. 11 special talents our talent is Cook I can dance Talents and amazing achieveme

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Unit. 12. At The Movie My Favorite Movie Comedy Accion Animation Horror

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Reflexions We like English but we have to learn more The English class are very funny and entertaining Teacher you're a good person likes to teach students. not like other teachers who give classes only Students we should try to speak more English than Spanish, I know that some people make us hard if we do not know the English questions that the teacher helps us