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Download and Install the premium Office Setup through the web link: Browse to to activate the subscription. To know More Details visit-


Presentation Transcript – Enter Product Key – : – Enter Product Key – – Microsoft Office is one of the earliest and highly appreciated productivity packages that comes with several Office and home-based productivity features and tools. It offers various interesting programs that make daily tasks easier. The suite consists of apps like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher, MS OneNote, etc. These apps are very useful and can be easily used in any business environment, workplace, and even home. One can easily download, install, and activate the Office setup package by selecting the desired plan on .

 How to Setup MS Office Account? :

 How to Setup MS Office Account? The first procedure is account creation on your particular system. In case you wish to setup Office account on your device, then pursue these instructions carefully: First of all, turn on the device. Then, double-tap on the web browsing app available on your device. Next, reach the URL section of the browser and tap to get it activated. Now, enter “ ” and browse to the web page of MS Office. Once the home screen of MS Office displays on the screen, hit the My Account tab. Now, tap the Sign-up option and fill up all the mandatory fields as these fields are necessary to create your individual  Office Setup  account. Next, you have to abide by the on-display instructions. After that, press the Agree button. After a while, you will get the confirmation alert that your account has been successfully created.

How to Download MS Office on your Device? :

How to Download MS Office on your Device? Below are the instructions that you follow to download your  Office Setup  with ease: Launch the web browser. After that, input “ ” and hit the Enter key. Tap the My Account option and then click on the Sign-in tab. Enter all the instructed details such as account associated username and passcode . Tap on the Accept button. Navigate to the Download option to proceed. Choose the product type: Trial Edition or Purchase Office option. The download will start after a while.

How to Install MS Office? :

How to Install MS Office? Below are the guidelines that one can follow to install the complete  Office Setup  package after downloading the setup file from First and foremost, turn on the device. Then, reach the Downloads section where you have downloaded your  Office Setup . You may reach there with the help of Run Dialog Box. Once the downloaded file expands, you have to apply a double click to execute the installation procedure. For more support from Microsoft Office regarding installation procedures, visit Wait for a while for the procedure to complete. Now, after some time, the successful message related to the installation will appear, showing that you have successfully installed your Office suite.

How to Activate the Office Setup? :

How to Activate the Office Setup? Once you have abided all the instructions on your screen for the installation procedure, then you have to follow these guidelines to get your subscription activated: Reach the Start menu and then choose any of the desired Office programs, be it Word, PowerPoint, Access, or Excel. Then, the activation link will appear on your screen as “ .” Now, move towards My Account tab and tap on it. Then, press the Login button and provide all the necessary details. After that, head towards the subscription plan that you like to opt for. Choose a paid and long-term plan for hassle-free benefits. Now, hit the Activate tab, you have to provide the 25-character alphanumeric Office product key. In a while, your MS Office suite will get successfully activated.

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