Women Security and Challenges faced By Women in

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Women Security and Challenges faced By Women in Searching a PG.

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• Women Safety is questionable Women Safety is a big concern in India. Safety of women is a universal issue. Many women in India have faced an assault at some point in their life or other. Many people forget that women are given the place of Goddess Lakshmi in the Indian Culture. But there is negative aspect regarding the women safety. She is playing a various role in a whole life. The men are like hunters for molesting the women at various places like streets public places etc.

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• Women’s safety matters a lot whether at home outside the home or a working place. We all hear many crimes against the women and because of these crimes women safety is a doubtful topic. Women are harassed not only in the night or evening but also in the day time at their home working places etc. We must understand the the problem of women safety and this needs to be done on urgent basis and also we should take the step ahead and solve the problem of women safety so that they can grow equally like men in their own country.

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How Roomsoom contribute with Women Safety Many women are out of their town for jobs and for study purpose and their security are stake. Roomsoom aims at reducing the crime rate which are height and Roomsoom is more concerned about the women security and safety. Roomsoom has taken a property especially for women which are located near their colleges and work places. This will in reducing stress while travelling and ensures they reach back home quick without facing any hassles on their way back.

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• You can Check out with Roomsoom if you are in searching for a PG on rent and get it at an affordable prices without any brokerage. Manage your stay through the Roomsoom app for a truly hassle-free living experience. We help you in finding a safe and best place to stay.

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