Romy Minko Has Interest in a Wide Range of Subjects

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Romy Minko Has Interest in a Wide Range of Subjects


Romy Minko is a highly qualified professional with interest in a wide range of subjects. Some of the main subjects that she is greatly fascinated by are – probability, calculus, elliptic curve cryptography, public key cryptography, error correcting codes, organic synthesis, quantum computation, and physical chemistry.


She also likes programming and is skilled in languages like Python, LaTeX, MatLab. Languages have always captivated her interest. She believes that her understanding of linguistics supplements her understanding of computer science, which further enables her to easily learn different programming languages.


Romy Minko has received a number of awards for academic excellence. While she was studying at the Methodist Ladies’ College (2005-2010), she received “Award for Academic Excellence”. As this award is presented to the top 10% of students, receiving it was an honor for her. In the coming years too, she won many such awards.


In 2014, when she was studying at The University of Melbourne, she got a place on the Dean's Honours List. The same year, she won Santander International Excellence Scholarship in Royal Holloway, University of London. The scholarship was only awarded to students with the equivalent of a UK First Class Bachelor degree and excellent academic and personal profiles.


Currently, Romy Minko works as a Research Assistant at Charter Keck Cramer, Melbourne. It is an established firm known for providing independent property advisory services to the Australian property sector.


Romy’s job responsibilities at Charter Keck Cramer involves writing Python scripts to access, clean and compile data from the web; researching various factors that may affect the property market in Australia; etc.