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Romy Minko Has Been A Competitive Student At University Of Melbourne, Australia


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Romy Minko Has Been A Competitive Student At University Of Melbourne, Australia


Romy Minko is a former First Class Honors student of University of Melbourne, Australia where she studied Advanced Practical Chemistry. She did Bachelor of Science, preparing relevant modules on Specialised Topics in Chemistry B: Condensed Matter, Physics 1 and 2:Advanced. During her Bachelors, she has also been also listed in Dean's Honors List 2014.


Prior to this, she has done Diploma of Mathematics “(Pure Mathematics from the same university. She studied relevant modules in Metrics and Hilbert Spaces, Algebra, Probability, Vector Calculus, Group Theory and Linear Algebra. She did her final grade in Upper second class honors.


Recently, she has completed her M. Sc in Mathematics of Cryptography and Communications from Royal Holloway, University of London. She has won a Full Academic Scholarship and Academic Excellence Award while pursuing International Baccalaureate in Methodist Ladies College, Melbourne At present, Romy Minko is a Research Assistant at Charter Keck Cramer in Melbourne, Australia.


She writes Python scripts to access, clean and compile data from the web, statistical analysis of data in Excel and Tableau and research into factors that may affect the property market in Australia, such as affordability metrics and the emerging middle class in China and India.


Owing to her hard work and dedication towards studies and profession, Romy Minko honed various academic skills which includes probability, calculus, quantum computation, public key cryptography, error correcting codes, elliptic curve cryptography, organic synthesis, physical chemistry. . She is proficient in German and has a knowledge of basic Spanish.


She has the comprehensive knowledge of topmost programming languages like Python, MatLab and LaTex. She plays piano, saxophone, guitar and shown her talent in Symphonic and Jazz bands at secondary school. She is also actively interested in various sports which includes Triple jump, Sprints, Netball and Swimming.