How to Plan Summer Wedding in Budget?

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As we know that summer is wedding season, therefore planning a wedding function would be expensive. Yet, do you want to save your money from here & there? There is no need to feel shame if you are because it happens with most of the couples. If you have planned your wedding in summer then here we have some amazing plans for you.


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How to plan summer wedding in budget As we know that summer is wedding season therefore planning a wedding function would be expensive. Yet do you want to save your money from here there There is no need to feel shame if you are because it happens with most of the couples. If you have planned your wedding in summer then here we have some amazing plans for you. Within a limited budget you can plan your wedding in an elegant manner. From decoration to your wedding dress or ​wedding decorators in Indore all you can plan in the budget by following the simple tricks. These tricks will not only reduce the cost of the wedding but you will also get awesome experience on your big day. 1.Invite only limited guest: ● Whether you invite many guests for a wedding ceremony that means wastes of money.

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● Usually we invite people just because of formality and society. But if you want to plan the wedding on the budget you need to invite limited guests. ● Here you need to invite your family members and friends for a wedding. Fewer guests on summer will help you to manage the wedding budget. 2. Select cheap best location: ● When you have planned the wedding in summer select the location where you can arrange the wedding function in at the low price. ● Usually in summer the cost of wedding halls may be expensive because it is wedding season that’s why you can opt for public places like church Public Park or another religious place. ● Beautiful Park will give your wedding ceremony picture perfect look. 3. Get the help of your creative friends or family members: ● If your family members or friends are creative you can get help from them for a wedding. With their help you can design and create invitation cards. ● Instead of selecting expensive cards from ​wedding card shops ​you can design creative invitation cards by yourself. ● Creative invitation cards will not only save your money but also impact on guests and give classy look. 4. Purchase the wedding dresses on a budget: ● Do you want to buy your wedding dress There are lots of ​wedding lehenga ideas ​ which you can choose in your budget. ● In India people spend unnecessary money on the dress but they can buy gorgeous dresses by their creativity. ● If you are bride then if have some ideas which can save your money as well looked elegant on your special day. You no need to run for designers and costly dresses.

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● Choose the dress on your budget but make sure the color suites on you. Don’t select too much heavy dress because it would be difficult for you to manage it in summer. ● Rent the jewelry which will be cheaper than buying your own and will give rich look too. 5. Contact your local vendors for catering: ● If you are going to hire any professional vendors for the wedding. Do you need to stop here when you can get ​catering service ​ in the low budget then why to spend money ● Yes You can hire local vendors and save your precious money. If you are worrying whether they will serve quality service or not. Then let me clarify that you will worth the money. 6. Contact to the local musical band DJ: ● If you will search you will find that there are so many talented people are around you. So while planning your wedding in summer you need to find them. ● They may be your friends or other local musicians just find out. You will get talented ​bands DJ ​ in universities. You can call them at low budget. 7. You can ask your friends relatives for photography: ● If you want to hire any professional photographer for your special day then you can opt for ​Wedding Photographers in Indore ​ at affordable rates. ● There is one more option for you and that is asked your relatives friends to shoot wedding function instead of hiring professional photographers. 8. Rent or borrow the wedding equipment: ● This is not necessary that you need to buy each and everything for the wedding. If you need wedding equipment then instead by purchase it you can rent or borrow it.

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● Borrow or rent items for wedding ceremony would be a great idea to save your money. The items you can get on rent are chairs decorative items dress shoes etc. 9. Book your parlor appointment with discount: ● Some beauty parlors give a discount for their promotion on bridal makeup. Ask your family or friends if they know about any parlor where the discount is going on. ● You can hire the ​makeup artist ​in the budget if you will get discount as you want. ● Well if you don’t get discount simply contact your regular beautician for makeup book the appointment. 10. Plan for the honeymoon: ● After wedding couple spends their money on expensive honeymoon package. There is no need to plan for a luxury honeymoon. You can plan it simply in your budget. ● Generally couples purchases unnecessary items for a honeymoon you can save money by being choosy at the time of shopping. So there are lots of things where you can reduce expenses while planning a wedding in summer. According to me first of all you should prepare your budget for the wedding function. The well-prepared budget will help you to plan each everything for the wedding ceremony in a proper way. Only you need to avoid the unwanted expense and stick with the budget. This is not necessary to have luxury wedding function when you cannot afford. Before the wedding every couple feels nervousness so no need to take the stress. Just relax and plan the wedding function with enthusiasm. You can ask the family members for your help to manage the wedding function and give you some ideas. Hope you will find this blog helpful for you. These simple tricks can save your precious money for future. So if you or your any friend has planned to

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get married in summer this is time to make the wedding elegant on the small budget. Original Source: wedding-in-budget/904691 Reference By: ​

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