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Lafz is a range of Halal compliant personal care products, created with a vision to provide the community with pure, clean, cosmetic products that abide by Halal standards. Lafz is made in a hygienic manner and does not contain any alcohols or parabens or animal ingredients. It is manufactured in Halal compliant factories, and the products are tested to be safe for use on human skin.


HALAL CARE BODY SPRAY MEN Fragrance ( Body spray) 10 Variants FEMALE Fragrance (Body Spray) 6 Variants

MEN ( Body Spray):

MEN ( Body Spray) Kaveh Makhalat Al Aud Rooh Mashariq Sahar Raghba Farzad Belief Amber Mukkarab Nabil Bakhoor aseer Rhuz khos


KAVEH A refreshing fragrance with a strong masculine tint, it is the perfect addition to the corporate arena. MAKHALLAT AL AUD An unbridled celebration of youthful spirit. This is an exquisite combination of agarwood and sandalwood, with hints of floral jasmine and aromatic saffron. Crafted as an expression of vitality and joy DARIEN The art of staying cool, even in humid and hot conditions. Darien is a citrus enriched fragrance with a dose of heavy musk, for those with an active lifestyle and an outgoing personality. KAYANI DASTOOR A quintessential Oriental fragrance, it is a homage to the classic and the eternal. It is created with warm fruity and royal floral notes to lend a sublime touch.


ROOH MASHARIQ A whiff of Musk, a trail of Vetiver, a dash of Mint . . . this breezy fragrance with woody undertones is an ode to freshness. OMID Experience a touch of enigma with Omid, the subtle fragrance for the charismatic. SHURQ AL KHALEEJ This is a bold and distinctive fragrance for those with the panache to carry it off. Its unmistakable masculine note makes a strong but not overpowering impression. MERAJ Masculinity that’s sensitive and refined. An apt description of this stirring fragrance. With well-defined notes of peach, nutmeg, and raisin, Lafz Meraj is distinctly musky yet never over the top. For the man of today who sports an indomitable drive, this is a worthy complement to his persona.


NABIL For those with an evolved sense of luxury, here’s a fragrance that speaks the very language of sophistication. Lafz Nabil is more than a premium offering; it is a crowning achievement. RHUZ KHOS Experience a new dimension of vibrancy with Rhuz Khos . An exciting combination of floral fruity flavours with Gourmand note, it appeals to a fine sense of beauty.

Women (Body Spray):

Women (Body Spray) Devotion Faith Gul wissal Anahita Zoha sadaf Kismet


FAITH A fruity floral delight, this new-age fragrance in an ode to the sporty woman of today who embodies a rich confidence in her abilities. DEVOTION A sublime fragrance that seeks to capture the very soul of a flower. This hallmark of purity is as precious as a divine blessing. ZOHA SADAF Inducted into the Fragrance Foundation Hall of Fame in 2009, this sheer floral fragrance is a connoisseur’s delight. A fine example of aromatic mastery. IBADET If you’re looking for a versatile fragrance that can turn any occasion into a memorable one, then Lafz Ibadet is your go-to selection. Citrus and Fruity, Floral and Woody, all come together in this full-bodied offering.


SADAKAT For the woman of substance, a fragrance that’s mellifluous and extraordinary. GUL WISSAL For the lady of understated class, comes a soothing and simmering combination of fragrances. An ode to feminine mystique.