ASKW Series Industrial Wireless Controls for LPG


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ASKW series industrial wireless controls are widely popular among the customers as they offer unrestricted hose end control greatly increasing productivity and improving safety over conventional truck mounted manual and crane remote control systems. With a service record dating back 15 years and over 50,000 systems in petrochemical service, this technology has a proven record of reliability and performance.


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Base engineering inc:

Base engineering inc BASE systems can be found in military, petrochemical, aviation, and construction service. The company specializes in systems for extreme environments and hazardous locations and supplies many new truck OEM’s and major fleets. We thoroughly understand the special requirements of the Gas & Oil industry and our systems provide safe, reliable wireless control.

Wireless Remote Controllers for Increasing Jobsite Safety:

Wireless Remote Controllers for Increasing Jobsite Safety Modern wireless remote controllers designed by the manufacturers are generally used for the industrial sectors in order to control the gigantic machines. Use of modern radio remote control technology has ensured the security of workplace and at the same time increased productivity in a great extent. The radio remote controls used in the industrial sectors are equipped with high frequency transmitter enable to send signals from a great distance. At the same time the powerful handheld receiver is also able to catch the tiniest of signals. All these things have made the remote controls a useful tool for controlling gigantic machines in the modern industry.

Driver Authorization System – A Wonderful Innovation of Remote Control Technology:

Driver Authorization System – A Wonderful Innovation of Remote Control Technology Driver Authorization System (DAS), equipped with the modern remote control technology , are specifically used for Bulk Fuel delivery Trucks. The system actually prevents unauthorized vehicle drive away with or without engine running. Depending on the customer’s application the DAS can vary. However, the basic application will be the same. Mainly a DAS protects the vehicle from unauthorized engine start or movement depending on the customer's application. A Driver Authorization System designed by the reputed manufactures includes the following aspects: A keypad unit is available with hidden enclosure screws There will be also a sealed parking brake low pressure switch with DOT quick connect T fitting Sealed engine kill relay is available Proper installation guide is supplied

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