Wireless Deadman Series Industrial Remote Control Systems


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Wireless deadman series industrial wireless controls incorporate a secure frequency hopping, spread spectrum radio link which is virtually immune to outside electrical as well as radio frequency interface. All the operations will fail safe or shutdown during any loss of signal from transmitter. Rechargeable transmitter is used to control the industrial remote control systems and the once recharged the transmitter delivers 30 hrs of continuous between charges.


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Radio Remote Controlled Transport Leak Detection System :

Radio Remote Controlled Transport Leak Detection System Radio Remote Controlled Transport Leak Detection System is mainly developed for using in propane, anhydrous ammonia and butane transports. Until a few years ago transport leak detection was only available for some high quality technical purposes only. However during the day the use of the transport leak detection has expanded among the normal technical sectors also. The Transport Leak Detection System made by the reputed manufacturers is equipped with powerful industrial remote control systems. These Transport Leak detectors are available with DCE approved certification and they are certified to comply with all US DOT and Canadian Transport Canada regulations for ‘Passive Shut Off’. The main function of the Automatic transport leak detectors is to continually monitor the off-loading process looking for a rapid change in discharge pressure. While using in a transport system or machineries, these radio remote controls detect a separated hose or failed connection and close the tank internal valve within 1/2 second. This helps it to increase safety in bulk transport system where leak detection is really necessary. As a result all types of major and minor accidents in the technological field are also reduced.

Wireless Industrial Non-Proportional Crane Service Trucks :

Wireless Industrial Non-Proportional Crane Service Trucks Wireless Industrial Non-Proportional Crane Service Truck is a one man control radio remote control system that eliminates a second person instructing the operator where to position the tank. While using the system in any purpose the operator has full freedom of movement around entire worksite while setting tank precisely into position. BASE Engineering designs excellent wireless industrial remote controls for different engineering and commercial purposes. Since 1996 over 50,000 BASE systems have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. As a result of this design effort we have the confidence to offer a four year, no hassle, and replacement warranty on every product we manufacture. Radio remote control system , in our hand, has moved into the next level.

Industrial Remote Control for Bulk Plant Emergency Shutdown:

Industrial Remote Control for Bulk Plant Emergency Shutdown The fixed frequency industrial remote control enabled E-Stop switch can operate systems at 33 MHz using two double “A” batteries. The powerful transmitter of the system is energized during the time when E-Stop switch is activated. Industrial wireless controls included in the E-Stop switches can work in conjunction with existing hard-wired, manual E-Stop switches and plant safety controls. One can also add operator worn E-Stop remotes along with these systems. Industrial radio remote control emergency shutdown system is mostly developed in order to eliminate costly hard wiring of the fixed location emergency stoop switches. The operator can install any numbers of wireless remote emergency switches within the plant facility. This helps the operator to communicate with one receiver as well as the controller unit.

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