Ultimate Guide to SEO for E-commerce Websites

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Do you want to know how to rank your e-commerce site? Read this Step-by-step SEO guide to improve your website performance or visit http://goo.gl/PN4vYN and get complete information.


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Ultimate Guide to SEO for E-commerce Websites:

Ultimate Guide to SEO for E-commerce Websites 1 December 4, 2014


2 2 Overview Reaching the first page isn’t enough. You must rank #1. According to research in 2011, Search Engine Watch discovered that “websites ranked 1 received an average CTR of 36.4%; number 2 had a CTR of 12.5%; and number 3 had a CTR of 9.5%.” If you don’t have a strong SEO strategy in place, you are losing out on brand impressions, clicks, and sales . Do you want to know how to rank your e-commerce site? Read this step-by-step guide , and you’ll be on your way to becoming an SEO savvy business owner or marketer.

Part 1: Research:

3 Part 1: Research A. Keyword Research : Find keywords for your homepage and product pages : # Considers relevancy, search volume and ranking difficulty . # Keyword should be highly relevant to your brand or products.Be careful to not choose keywords that are too broad or too competitive . 2. Avoid keyword cannibalization : # Keyword cannibalization occurs when various pages of same website are trying to rank for the same keyword. # “The problem occur with this is that it’s confusing to the search engines. Search Engine getting confuse to choose which page is more important for that particular keyword out of the group of webpages. This weakens your ability to obtain traffic for that keyword.”

Part 1: Research:

4 Part 1: Research B. Competitor Research: For which keywords are your main competitors going for ? # Make a list of keywords your competitors are using with their SEO strategy. Also, you should look to see if they have a higher Domain Authority (DA) and higher Page Authorities (PA) than you? # If your competitors have significantly higher DA’s or PA’s than you, it may be a good idea to focus on other keywords, as competing against them will be very difficult. Try to go for easier wins, if you can!

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5 2. Where are they getting their links ? # Create a list of the places your competitors are getting their inbound links . # Try to get a link from these sites as well through blogger outreach, press outreach, or setting up your own company pages . # Before creating a link from the sites on the list, first delete any site that has a low DA score. Getting an inbound link from a low DA score site can hurt your rankings as Google may suspect that a bad site is linking to you because you also have a bad site.

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6 3. What is their site architecture like ? # E-commerce stores should pay special attention to the site architecture for: Popular products in a particular category, Related products, Top rated products and Recently viewed products 4. From a strategy perspective, how can you differentiate your website?   # What can you do for your site that will make it different and better than your competitors? # Can you improve the navigational architecture? # How can you make your site more social? # Will you add a blog if your competitors don’t have one?

Part 2: Identifying Current Problems :

7 Part 2: Identifying Current Problems A. Quickly Find Site Errors: # The top errors you will want to correct quickly include : Redirecting any 404 pages to actual content. Changing 302 redirects to 301 redirects. Updating duplicate content pages, meta titles, and meta descriptions . B: Determine Your Website Speed # Visitors will not hang around and wait for a slow website to load . # Your customers will click back to Google to find a faster website, which is likely to be a competitor!

Part 3: On-Page Optimization:

Part 3: On-Page Optimization 8 A: Keyword Optimization # In order to optimize a page, you need to ensure that page has the keyword in strategic locations, including: The page title Headers Subheaders Paragraph copy Product descriptions Image file names Image alt tags Meta title and description URLs : user friendly

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9 B: Site Structure # Focus on creating a “flat architecture” for your website, meaning design that requires as few clicks as possible to go from your home page to your product page. C : Internal Linking # Link pages of your website to other pages within your website. # Internal linking allows you to establish your own anchor text, which can help you with ranking for your top keywords. # Don’t add a lot of links with the same exact anchor text. # Finally, once you have completed your website, you should create and submit a sitemap to Google so it can crawl your entire website and index each page.

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10 D: Usability # Great user experience means a website is easy to use, fun, and helpful. Great user experience also means your users will spend more time on your site . E: Mobile Version of Website # Need some convincing? Check out these stats: 31% of mobile Internet users “mostly” go online using their phones ( Pew, 2012 ) 61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitor’s site ( IAB ) 58% of mobile users expect mobile sites to load as quickly or faster than desktop sites (Google, 2011)

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F: Customer Reviews # According to Internet Retailer, you can increase your e-commerce conversion rate by 14-76% by adding product reviews to your online store. # In addition to increasing conversions, customer reviews also positively impact your SEO because more reviews = more content, and frequent reviews = fresh content, which Google loves to see . G: Rich Snippets # Rich snippets are HTML coded bits that tell search engines what searchers should be able to understand about your website before even clicking through to see it . H: Social Media Integration # Adding social buttons to your product pages, blog posts, and homepage. 11

Part 4: Further Testing :

Part 4: Further Testing You should: Use analytics to see which keywords are converting the highest Use PPC campaigns to find high-converting keywords you should add to your SEO strategy Test meta titles and descriptions to increase click-through rate. A/B test page content to increase conversions from web traffic Part 5: Adding Blog Content # The way to rank for those keywords is through a blog. With a blog, you can optimize each post for a keyword that you aren’t targeting with the main pages of your site. # If your posts are keyword stuffed or low quality, your customers will not read them and they certainly won’t share them. Also, as you know, Google will penalize you for keyword stuffing and you won’t earn any social signal points either. 12

Part 6: Link Building :

Part 6: Link Building # E arning quality inbound links # A low quality inbound link would be one from a low authority website. # Not only will Google penalize your site if a lot of low quality sites are linking to you, but also the referral traffic won’t do anything positive for your business . # As you’re working through the above list of link building tasks, keep in mind that when it comes to link building, you should NOT: Use the same anchor text repeatedly – go for variety Link to the same page repeatedly – link to the most relevant page Get links from low authority websites 13

Part 7: Local Business Tips :

Part 7: Local Business Tips Are you a local business? Ensure you have your name, address, and phone number (NAP) for all locations showing on your website. Additionally , you should submit your business to all of the major directories and as many niche directories as makes sense.( relevant to your business.) You also should use location based keywords in your descriptions where appropriate . Conclusion # Optimize your site for search engines, but the bottom line is to increase sales. # When SEO is done right, you will see an increase in quality traffic, which will lead to more conversions and repeat visitors. 14

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