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View this presentation to know the reasons of choosing RL Kramer LLC instead of other Credit Repair Companies.


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Why Choose RL Kramer LLC instead of Other Credit Repair Companies


About RL Kramer LLC RL Kramer LLC is USA based Credit repair company which is headed by Mr. Richard Kramer. Richard Kramer is “one of the top credit consultants and personal financial trainers in the US.” (Richard Umanoff, CPA). His passion, research, results, and willingness to be accessible to his clients have helped countless people repair and improve their credit scores and maintain a healthy financial lifestyle for nearly 35 years.


Personalized Monitoring Richard Kramer will personally review and monitor your progress from beginning to end. You will gets personal attention, unlike other credit repairs firms that just toss your file into a computer and try to automate the credit repair work. You will receive your very own “credit portal” where you can view your three current credit scores, all of the items I am disputing for you, and the progress being made. You also receive exclusive access to me for all of your questions at the “Ask Richard Anything” forum on your private membership page.


120 Days Money Back Guarantee I don’t like refund policies, warranties, or even guarantees with a “catch.” You judge the results of my service and decide for yourself if it’s worth every penny you paid. If not, I’ll give you a 100% refund of all of your monthly service fees.


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Contact - RL Kramer RL Kramer LLC  424 Baker Ave, Unit 1664 Whitefish, MT 59937 Phone: 406-730-7989 Fax: 866-352-2595 Email:  [email protected]   Connect on Social Media


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