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Point of View-Who is Telling the Story? :

Point of View-Who is Telling the Story?

First Person Point of View:

First Person Point of View In the first person point of view, the narrator participates in the action of the story. The narrator is a character who tells the story based on what they see, hear or feel. Character usually is the main character Uses I, me, we, us pronouns Think of a movie star who is in a movie telling what is Example- happening. I was so excited when my Aunt Sally told me my mom had the baby this morning. I had been looking forward to being a big sister, and now it was really happening . Which words in the example are clues that it is 1 st person Point of View?

Third Person Point of View:

Third Person Point of View In the third person point of view the narrator does not participate in the action. Uses pronouns like as he,him,they ,them,she ,her etc. in telling the story Think of it as someone who is watching the movie is describing to you what is happening. There are two different types of point of view; limited and Omniscient .

Third Person Limited:

Third Person Limited A third person narrator can tell you what they would “see”. They can’t tell you what the characters are thinking or feeling. Example- Angela's mom gave birth to a baby boy at 6:07 a.m. that morning. Aunt Sally woke Angela up to tell her the news. She told her to get up and get ready so they could go to go the hospital. What words are clues that this is 3 rd person point of view?

Third Person Omniscient:

Third Person Omniscient A third person narrator who knows everything about all the characters is all-knowing, or omniscient. The reader knows about the thoughts and feelings of all the characters in the story. Example- Aunt Sally was so excited to tell Angela that her mom had the baby at 6:07 am. As Angela got up an got ready, she couldn’t help thinking about how fun it was going to be to be a big sister. How do you know this is 3 rd person omniscient. It uses real names You can tell what Sally and Angela are thinking Angela is going to be a big sister

Which of the following would be told from the 3rd person omniscient point of view:

Which of the following would be told from the 3 rd person omniscient point of view A .Today is not a good day. Ms. Winters is making the class write a story. Julia gets nervous when she has to write. She thinks her handwriting is ugly, and the right words never come to her mind. B. Today is not a good day. Ms. Winters is making us write a story. I do not like to write. I think my handwriting is awful, and the rights words never come to my mind. C. The Bears won the game 22-15. It was close the whole game, but they scored the last 6 points of the game. D. Mary was extremely nervous as she watched her favorite team, the Bears, win a very close game. She had been worried all game that they would lose, but when they pulled away, she was very happy.

PSSA-Identify, Describe, Interpret and Describe Effectiveness of Point of View:

PSSA-Identify, Describe, Interpret and Describe Effectiveness of Point of View Identify whether 1 st or 3 rd person. Describe how point of view affects what you know about the characters and events in the story Decide how changing point of view of story would change the story.

Point of view can affect your understanding of the story. :

Point of view can affect your understanding of the story. If the point of view was different, how would that change what you know about the characters, plot,setting ? 1 st You would only know that characters thoughts, feeling,beliefs etc. You wouldn’t know for sure about other characters inner thoughts or events they haven’t seen. VS. 3 rd You would be able to see all of the characters actions in the story as if you were looking down on them. You might be able to know their thoughts and feelings also.

Slide 9:

Which passage is written from the first person point of view? A. If you think it's hard keeping track of all the Steps in my life, try being me. The Steps are the bazillion stepbrothers, stepsisters, and half siblings my parents keep laying on me. Follow this. B. The snow lashed against the window. He was suddenly deadly cold, yet tingling all over. He pulled off his dressing gown, climbed into bed, and lay there looking up at the skylight in the slanting roof. It was covered grey with snow. C. Something -- some terrible force -- flung the boy back. His head banged against the stone, and his ears rang as though a blacksmith were pounding on an anvil. He tasted blood. He tried to speak, choked on blood, and coughed instead.

Slide 10:

When I was four months old, my mother died suddenly and my father was left to look after me all by himself. I had no brothers or sisters. So all through my boyhood, from the age of four months onward, there was just us two, my father and me. I was very lucky to have a someone who cared for me. I admire him greatly for being a father and mother. We lived in an old gypsy caravan behind a filling station. My father owned the filling station and the caravan and a small meadow behind, but that was about all he owned in the world. It was a very small filling station on a small country road surrounded by fields and woody hills. While I was still a baby, my father washed me and fed me and changed my diapers and did all the millions of other things a mother normally does for her child. That is not an easy task for a man, especially when he has to earn his living at the same time by repairing automobile engines and serving customers with gasoline. Which of the following do we not know because the story is told from the first person point of view? A) How the narrator feels about his father B) Where the boy and his father lived C) How his father felt about raising his son alone.

Slide 11:

Kevin wouldn’t mind if I borrowed his dirt bike. It’s not like he hadn’t let me ride it before. His shed door wasn’t even locked. It was like he was begging me to take his dirt bike. When I arrived at the motorcycle trails with the dirt bike, I looked to see if any of our friends were there. I didn’t see anybody we knew, so I eased out on the track and pointed the bike at the first jump. As I launched off the jump, my right hand twisted the accelerator. When I landed, the back wheel dug into the ground, flipping the dirt bike out from under me. I looked over and saw smoke rising from the engine of Kevin’s bike. I didn’t know what to do. I needed time to figure out what I was going to tell Kevin and my dad. By telling the passage from John's point of view, the author helps the reader better understand A. John's reasoning why it was ok to “borrow” the bicycle. B. How Kevin’s Dad felt about John taking the bicycle. C. Kevin's feelings about John taking his motorcycle.

The Three Little Pigs-The True Story:

The Three Little Pigs-The True Story How does The Three Little Pigs Change When Told From the Wolf’s Point of View ? A. It was all a misunderstanding, he just wanted sugar B. He sneezed and the house blew down C. Wolf didn’t kill pig, but didn’t want to waste food D. The pigs were rude , not him, and that is why he tried to break into the brick house. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBb6QmJ-JaE&feature=related

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