The ultimate lip savior - lip scrub

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A lip scrub is a key product to remove chapped, dead skin, and helping your lip balm penetrate and nourish easily. Read all about the product details in this document.


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L I P S C R U B THE ULTIMATE LIP SAVIOR Rivona Naturals Heals the protective layer that retains a balance of moisture Problem- No matter how gorgeous your new high pigment lipstick is it won’t really pop when it’s sitting atop dry lips. Smooth and soft healthy lips are essentials for lip-color lovers flakes will leave your lip color look uneven even if you’ve applied a balm over that dead skin. Bumps and gaps in your lip color and the dreaded lipstick on your teeth will create a messy look. Problem- When your lips get dry and chapped the lipid layer becomes unbalanced aggravating the problem. Skin flakes and build- ups make the pout look as though you’ve been chewing on your lips all day. Solution - A is a key product to remove chapped dead skin and helping your lip balm penetrate and nourish easily. Keeps aging at bay Problem- Excess dryness can also cause premature aging. If you want a youthful look you need youthful lips as well. Solution - Hydrating efficiently through a strawberry lip scrub is the best form of anti- aging care for the lips. Makes a flawless lipstick base Solution - The cure to get a perfect makeup base lies in using the best lip scrub for dark lips. lip scrub