Jewellery Trends To Follow In 2019

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Jewellery trends never remain the same, but keeping a tab on these helps to step out in style. Check out our presentation to know about the latest trends.


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Jewellery Trends To Follow In 2019

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Gold Hoop Earrings The classic earring is back with a bang! You can go for a gold hoop earring of an average drop or a big one as per your personal choice.

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Coin Pendants These are now everywhere over Instagram. Whether you choose a single pendant or wear multiple coin pendants in a layered fashion, you will surely radiate.

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Chains and Links Wear these in bracelets or necklaces because gold chains truly pop against darker shades, especially black. Chains or links in silver offers a more timeless vibe.

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Shells and Beads Starting from celebrities to college students, everyone seems to be fallen in love with shells and beads. Jewellery pieces made up of these materials are no more restricted to a beach vacation. You can flaunt these anywhere.

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Chunky Rings With the right kind of pairing, chunky rings are one of the best accessories to have a minimalist and interesting look. Shop these in bright gold or silver sterling as per your choice!

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Elegant Resin Resin jewellery is available in a splash of colours . You can also find these in monochrome. Whether you want earrings, pendants, rings or bracelets, you can find several choices in terms of design.

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Riverside Jewellers is an online store where you can find beautiful jewellery pieces in gold, sterling silver, brass, resin, beads, and much more. It also has a brick and mortar store in the small town Ballina in New South Wales, Australia.

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99 River Street Ballina, NSW 2478 Phone No- (02) 6686 3248 Thank You

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