Advice for Your First River Cruise Trip

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Are you planning to take your first river cruise trip? Read this helpful guide to help you choose among different cruise options, including European river cruises and Rhine river cruises.


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Advice for Your First River Cruise Trip:

Advice for Your First River Cruise Trip


Introduction It is only natural to make mistakes when travelling on or choosing your first cruise. You could be a seasoned globe-trotter, used to the hazards of leaving the country, cruises are an entirely different type of animal that presents its own set of peculiarities . If most people have to learn through trial and error, it is not always that big of a deal… but in some instances, these mistakes can seriously impact your whole experience and turn an otherwise pleasant vacation into a real nightmare. To ensure you have the time of your life, follow us through this presentation as we discuss the main mistakes to avoid when going on your first cruise.

The Route:

The Route Cruise ships around the globe pass through close to 2,000 ports, which makes for a lot of options and hair-pulling on your end when the time comes to make a choice! To ensure you select the best itinerary, it will often boil down to one question: what do you expect from your cruise ? If art and culture is what you seek , try and see if you could not negotiate a trip that would take you through the ports of countries with such a long, rich and deep history as Italy , Greece and Turkey . If, on the other hand, you love the outdoors and want to savor breathtaking sceneries , then Alaska and other wild parts of the world will be perfect . Never pick a route just because you can get it for cheap .

The Line:

The Line If there is one mistake that will ruin your cruise with no possibility to save the day, it is to go with the wrong company or ship for your trip. Once you find yourself embarked on the wrong vessel, there is just nothing you can do to change the situation anymore. It is particularily worrisome given that there are so many to pick from. In the end, you want to select a ship that fits your personnality because, even though most cruise lines look the same, they often cater to a specific clientele and thus differ in the amenities they offer and the type of passengers that will participate. Always gather as much info as you can before taking your decision or risk finding yourself with the total opposite of what you need , i.e. wild party animals when all you wanted was a calm romantic trip with your loved one.

The Cabin:

The Cabin Should you run a survey amongst people who have never cruised before, you will find that most of them think that all cabins on a ship are equal. They could not be further from the truth. From the location of the cabin on the ship, to the amenities available and the view, the cabin you choose may strongly influence your whole experience . For example , people subject to seasickness will need to stay on the lower deck and as close to the center of the ship as they can as that is where the sway is less felt . In the same vein , if you want to enjoy the view right from your cabin and not be under the impression you are locked up in a cell , avoid cabins located in a corridor.

While in the Port…:

While in the Port… Always ask in advance how much time you will have at any given port as it can vary from a few days to only a couple of hours. You need to be prepared and have your plans laid out before you even start on your cruise … Do not act like so many first-timers who oversleep and only inquire about the port where they stopped when the excursions are already under way and they cannot join the group anymore. If you could not, for one reason or another , plan ahead , it is important that you attend the information lectures that take place every night before you dock somewhere . That is where you will learn all the important details that will help you arrange your schedule and make the most of your time on land .

The Reservation:

The Reservation One of the worst decisions you could make would be to skip the travel agent because you think it will save you money. Not only do agents cost nothing (as they receive their fees from the cruise lines, not you), they will often be able to provide you with better deals than you could find on your own. Moreover , thanks to their extensive knowledge of the field , they will help you avoid the common traps such as those described in the previous slides and which can turn out to b e especially disastrous … With no one to remind you about it , you might – for example – forget about renewing your passport and end up unable to travel at all!


Conclusion Your first cruise ever can either be a memory you will cherish your entire life or an experience you will try to forget as soon as possible. What will determine your fate and how it will all turn out is how throrough you are in the preparation of your trip . Pay attention to your itinerary, the cruise line you pick and the cabin you will end up with, and you should already be well on your way to having the vacation of your dreams.

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