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How to Raise Child - Parent and Child Relationship Our little children are just like fresh pieces of clay however we mold them they will become the same. Kids follow your direction what you teach them from beginning. If you ever complained that your kids are like this and that they are just your shadow. So it’s important to teach them the good manners and etiquettes and make them a better person for their self their family and their society. 10 tips on How to Raise a Child by the Family Counselor in Delhi:  Be initiative your child  Provide them with an appropriate framework  Help them open up to the world  Stimulate his desire to learn  Be kind  Stimulate his creativity

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 Be a role model  Emphasize its strengths  Cultivate optimism  Always there for them  Conclusion Be Initiative your Child Its important to teach your child to take initiatives and good decision-making ability in life. Let them take risks and take initiatives and learn through failure. Your constant help takes away their opportunity to develop their autonomy. The golden rule is this: if he can do it don’t do it for him but it’s still up to you to judge the circumstances that deserve your intervention. Provide them with an appropriate framework Children are curious by nature and seek freedom early on. Raising an independent child requires the establishment of structures that promote this freedom. From the age of three your child can take part in certain household activities for a better Parent Children Relationship. It is by doing that children learn. According to some studies environments that emphasize your child’s effectiveness lead to success both during childhood and beyond. Help them open up to the world Ritu Singal – Best Family Counselor in Delhi suggests teaching your child to be attentive to the world around him helps him become creative. We cannot understate the value of letting him play and explore at his own pace. But it’s important to teach them how to survive happily in this life. By maintaining a balance of success and happiness. Don’t run too much for success that you forget to smile.

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Stimulate his desire to learn Stimulating your child’s desire to learn starts with providing opportunities to create habits that promote learning. Add Video here Be kind There is evidence that the safer and frankly Parent and Children Relationship the better he will feel. If your goal is to raise an independent child be consistent reliable sensitive to their needs and let them know they can count on you. Stimulate his creativity Creative children have the skills to solve problems so stimulate your child’s creativity by exposing him to different activities. Boost his creative abilities and display some of his creations but also buy him fewer toys. Be a role model Your child looks at you and follows his Parents more than you think. Do you want it to be your poor version or good version it’s on you Be more creative. Would you like him to be optimistic Show him how by adopting an optimistic attitude. Would you like him to become a talented reader Let him see you read. Emphasize its strengths Today they base many parental choices on competitiveness and the fear that your child is not “on the same level” as others. Remember your child is unique to make them realize the same. It doesn’t have to be like the others. It is important to focus on your strengths and on developing your skills according to Family Counselor in Delhi. Cultivate optimism

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There is a common mistake that optimism is innate rather than an earned property. Being optimistic it works You can teach your child to develop a growth mindset and to cope better with negative events. Your optimism helps foster optimism in your child. Always there for them Raising independent children is a delicate process. Find the right balance between being present on one side and letting go on the other. Your intervention is necessary to promote the development of your child’s freedom. Create the structures that allow them to feel confident enough to stand on their own two feet. Conclusion You should always be frank with your child and listen to them carefully. These tips will help you to regard a responsible child. But if you facing any issues regarding your child it must be recommended to take counseling by the Family Counselor in Delhi - Ritu Singal on a Parent Children Relationship session. How to build a good Parent and Child Relationship Tips For Good Parenting by Ritu Singal Life coach India