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Musique française - faite par Manmeet Saini

Musique : 

Musique France has long been considered a center for European art and music. The country hosts a wide variety of indigenous folk music, as well as styles played by immigrants from Africa, Latin America and Asia. French music history dates back to organum in the 10th century, followed by the Notre Dame School, an organum composition style Organum = technique of singing during middle ages


FRANÇAIS INFLUENCE In the field of classical music, France has produced a number of legendary composers, while modern pop music has seen the rise of popular French hip hop, and pop performers.

Regional Music;The West of France : 

Regional Music;The West of France The West of France comprises the Pays de Nantes, the provinces of Vendée, Anjou and Maine, and the Poitou-Charentes region

Regional Music : 

Regional Music Ballad-singing, dance-songs and fiddle-playing have survived, predominantly in Poitou and the Vendée Central France includes the regions of Auvergne, Limousin, Morvan, Nivernais, Bourbonnais and Berry. The lands are the home to the French bagpipe tradition

Music Styles : 

Music Styles Traditional styles of music have survived most in remote areas like the island of Corsica and mountainous Auvergne, as well as the more nationalistic regions of the Basques and Bretons. In many cases, folk traditions were revived in relatively recent years to cater to tourists. These “groupes folkloriques” tend to focus on very early 20th century melodies and the use of the piano accordion.

Styles of Music (cont.) : 

Styles of Music (cont.) Other styles of music include… Cornemuse (Bagpipe) Hurdy Gurdy (mech. Violin) Classique (Classical) Opéra 20th Century / neo-classique Rock Progressive Rock Hip-Hop Rai (Algérie)

J'irai Pleurer Sous la Pluie Richard Anthony : 

J'irai Pleurer Sous la Pluie Richard Anthony Si je voulais pleurerBien loin de tes yeux j'irai me cacherCar je suis fier et ne veux pas montrerLe chagrin de ma vieEt j'irai pleurer sous la pluiePour laisser mes larmes coulerJ'attendrai l'orage et la pluie pour pleurerJe t'aime encore et tu dois ignorerLe chagrin de ma vieEt j'irai pleurer sous la pluieLa pluie sur mon visageN'effacera jamais ton souvenirEt tu ne sauras jamaisPourtant combien je t'aimaisCombien malgré toi tu me fais souffrirMais un jour je partiraiEn souriant sous le soleil de maiMais en attendant ce jour qui ne vient pasJe suis à ta merciEt j'irai pleurer sous la pluieEt j'irai pleurer sous la pluieEt j'irai pleurer sous la pluie

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