4 Ways To Get Through To Your How to Prepare for a Course Launch Throu

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The secret of preparing to launch curriculum through your email list is divisive. If you create a segment of customers, also known as \"Leeds\" and send a series of emails targeted to that segment before launching, you will be able to find the results you want to see Will have a lot of probability. WPLMS is the best learning management system for WordPress and it is best education theme also. For more details: https://wplms.io/


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4 Ways To Get Through To Your How to Prepare for a Course Launch Through Your Email List

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Step 1: Build Your Segment Start by building your segment long before you launch even if your course is only an idea on a Trello board. Do this by creating a lead magnet or a few that strongly relate to your course. For more details: https://wplms.io/prepare-for- course-launch-email-list/

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Step 2: Create a Free Mini Course Take a look at all of the individual topics in your course and determine which topic can be used to create a free mini- course. This course will be used to nurture your leads and will serve as an introduction to main course. Get more information please click on this word: WordPress LMS

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Step 3: Distribute the Free Course Prepare emails that introduce each lesson in your emails course and use your email marketing service providers autoresponder to ensure they only target your segment. Drip the emails out over a period of 10-30 days and make sure the final lesson will be sent before you launch your course.

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Step 4: Make the Sale 1. Consider only allowing leads to enroll in the course for a short period of time. This puts pressure on a lead to make a purchase. 2. If you want the course to be open year round offer a special discount and state that it’s exclusive to mini course students.

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Thank You For Watching this For more information visit https://wplms.io/

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