Why Is Protein Important For Our Daily Routine


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The following article explains the importance of protein in one's daily routine and helps one understand the various benefits that can be derived from the timely consumption of protein.


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Why Is Protein Important For Our Daily Routine It is important that we maintain a good and balanced diet as a part of our daily routine for good health. A balanced diet means having good amount of carbs protein good fats vitamins and minerals be a part of your daily diet. While this sounds easy on paper it actually is a little difficult to achieve too. When it comes to protein it is vital that your diet helps you meet the daily protein requirement. According to studies the average protein requirement for a human is .36 grams per 0.8 grams of the body weight. People who regular exercise or are indulged in weight training and other exercises protein intake is super important for many reasons. But mainly it is because protein helps in repairing the muscles that have just been strained due to workout and it prevents any further loss of muscles. This is the reason that consumption of high protein snacks or protein drink is recommended once they are done with heavy workout and weight training. Protein helps provide adequate amount of energy that is required in our day to day functioning. Our body needs protein to promote growth and wellness of the tissues. Hence the body is in fact in constant need of protein. Therefore feeding your body adequate amount of protein ensures that the body is never in deficit of protein and functions smoothly. Meeting your daily protein requirement means the enzymes that are present in the protein facilitate many biochemical reactions that happen both inside and outside of the cell. A lot of our bodily functions depend on the protein enzymes. Functions such as digestion clotting of blood production of energy as mentioned earlier and contracting muscles properly whenever necessary too. if our body lacks the required amount of protein then it could cause some ailments or some other health issues. You might not be aware of this but proteins actually help in maintaining the pH in various areas of the body. pH is the balance between the bases and the acids. The protein acts as the buffer and it allows a lot of bodily fluids to maintain their proper pH levels. Having adequate amount of protein also boosts the system’s immunity. How Well protein is responsible for the production of antibodies which help to keep any disease of any ailment at bay. Without protein it would not be possible for our body to produce antibodies and we would keep falling sick. Hence having proper intake of protein ensures that your immunity is intact as well. Now it is not always that protein can only be consumed in a proper meal or as in a drink. You have protein bars for your convenience too. In fact some of the best protein bars in India are actually available in your nearest wellness store. Protein bars are very convenient to have since they can be consumed anywhere and at any time and you do not have to worry

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much about carrying it around as well. So you can rely on protein bars for having daily protein too.

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