Muscle Building - Basic Nutrition Requirements

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The following article talks about how muscle growth works and the basic nutritional requirements for an individual's muscle development.


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Muscle Building | Basic Nutrition Requirements If you desire to build muscle effectively it is important that you give your body the right balance of vital nutrients. You also need to ensure adequate intake of calories for sufficient energy. Once you know the number of calories you’d need to meet your fitness requirements you’ll have to understand how much of which foods you should eat in order to ensure effective intake of all the nutrients your body needs in order to build quality muscle. Let’s find out the optimum nutrition content ideal for muscle building – MACRONUTRIENTS: Protein Carbohydrates and Fat Protein Protein is one of the most important micronutrients that help in muscle building. While bodybuilders have a slightly higher need for protein for repairing muscle fiber during training common man needs a little less than that. Protein rich snacks have a major role to play in muscle building and tissue repair. Carbohydrates Human body uses carbs for short-term energy that is ideal to get through intense bursts of physical activity. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose which is stored in your muscles as glycogen – your body’s fuel tank. Thus carbs provide the fuel so that your body doesn’t end up breaking down muscle for energy. Fat Fat is absolutely vital for healthy cell membranes. The body needs fats to absorb certain fat soluble vitamins. As you build muscles your metabolism takes a boost and gains the ability to burn fat more easily. MICRONUTRIENTS: Vitamins and Minerals Whether you choose a nutrition bar or a health shake if you want to build muscles your body needs vitamins and minerals to gather enough energy during exercise. A fitness oriented lifestyle demands greater need for vitamins and minerals that a normal lifestyle. Vitamins Antioxidant vitamins are one of the most important vitamins for muscle building workouts. The antioxidant vitamins A C E and K have a major role to play in repairing cells and muscles damage that are caused by oxidation. This is known to occur normally in the body every day as you use energy. Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of vitamins A C and K. Nuts and eggs and wheat germ are the best sources of vitamin E. Vitamin B complex is also important when it comes to chemical reactions created to generate energy. Plus they are involved in making red blood cells and repairing tissue. Minerals

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Minerals are known to boost immune system and produce energy that would ensure ideal functioning of the immune hormonal systems. They also play a major role in the production of blood and maintenance of healthy bones. Calcium iron and zinc are the three most important minerals for muscle building. 1. Calcium Ideal to maintain bones and decrease the risk of stress fractures calcium is an extremely important part of everyone’s daily diet. 2. Iron Ideal for the formation of oxygen-carrying substances in the blood iron is something that athletes cannot afford to miss out on. Iron-rich foods like lean red meats fish poultry shellfish eggs beans and dried fruits are ideal additions to your daily diet. 3. Zinc Ideal in building and repairing muscle and in the production of energy zinc is an ideal content in meats fish poultry whole grains and vegetables. They are vital for people whose lifestyle includes muscle building workouts. If youre not sure if you’re eating the right thing opt for high quality nutritional supplements. You could also go for the best protein bars in India. The wide range of options is sure to benefit you in many ways.

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