How to Raise Your Child to Become Self-Reliant and Confident

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Rise-N-Shine Kids hosts 3 daycares in Brampton, Ontario, where their priority is the safety and learning of the children they care for.


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Raising an Independent Child:

Raising an Independent Child

PowerPoint Presentation:

Of course you love your child and you want to take care of them, but it is also very important for you to teach them how to take care of themselves. Teaching your child to be self-reliant and independent takes some conscious thought and effort, but it is well worth the effort. Your child's sense of confidence and capability will be boosted and they’ll be prepared for the future. Keep some of these steps in mind as you raise your child.

Praise Hard Work, Not Intelligence:

Praise Hard Work, Not Intelligence Children Praised for their Intelligence: Learn to think that they should get everything the first time they try it. Back off and think tasks are impossible when confronted with a real challenge. Children Praised for their Hard Work: Continue to work on tasks that are difficult for them. Are encouraged to become good problem solvers.

Take the Time to Teach:

Take the Time to Teach How to teach your child to be self-reliant: If you are cleaning the kitchen and your child wants to help, stop and show them how. It shows them that they can make a reasonable contribution. When they want to learn something new, take the time to show them so that they are encouraged and praised for wanting to learn.

Utilize The Socratic Method:

Utilize The Socratic Method The Socratic method encourages teachers to answer student’s questions with further questions, allowing them to break things down for themselves. If your child has a question for you, help them come to a solution on their own by implementing this method. This teaches them to think for themselves and to realize that they can get the right answer on their own.

Give Them Unstructured Time:

Give Them Unstructured Time While there is the urge to give your child every advantage, too many classes or extracurricular activities can take away a child’s time to explore and become intrigued by the world around them. Give them time to explore and to make up their own games.

Give Your Child Responsibilities :

Give Your Child Responsibilities Benefits of Giving Responsibilities to a Child: They can feel proud for accomplishing their chores. Your child can feel good about themselves when they are given the impression that they are making a contribution to the family.

Additional Information:

Additional Information If you are someone who wants to raise an independent child, take a moment to learn more about how you can do so. Please visit: Rise-N-Shine Kids: