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From the moment I saw you:

From the moment I saw you From the moment I looked into your eyes And I know how lucky I am to have you That you were once in a lifetime There was something about you I knew, I knew A treasure near impossible to find Cause I've seen rainbows that could take your breath away The beauty of the setting sun, on any given day And when it comes to shooting stars I have seen a few But I've never seen anything as beautiful as you I can't believe that I have you I can't believe that you're here in my arms I've been waiting a life time for you, for you And I've dreamed about you Pictured in my mind who I would see But I never imagined just how beautiful you'd be Thank you for came into my life Now that I’ve found you and I would never want to leave you No matter what happen, I’ll stay with you Thank you for loving me HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! - Rifaie Thank you for light up my life Noorosmawaty , p.s : I love you