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The Cost of Waiting : 

The Cost of Waiting By Ridhi Raheja

Housing Environment : 

If you want to buy a house, but are hesitant: You think prices will decrease further. The rates may go lower. It can be difficult to obtain financing to purchase a house. Due to the employment environment, people are afraid to take on new risks. Let us show you why it may not be in your best interest to wait. Housing Environment

The Facts as we Know Them : 

Home prices have dropped The Facts as we Know Them

1839 Fairoak Drive, Naperville Il, 60565 : 

Single Family Home Home Value chart from 2001 till now. 1839 Fairoak Drive, Naperville Il, 60565

The Best Value you can Find : 

Not only are houses inexpensive, and interest rates are at historic lows. Current trends show a recovering market. The Best Value you can Find

How Buying Power Works : 

At 4.5% for 250K, the monthly payment is $1266.71. At 5.5% for 225K, the monthly payment is $1277.53. Your buying power is decreased 25K or 10%. How Buying Power Works

Perfect Time to Buy : 

GDP has gone up Unemployment down Economy is improving (little by little) Rent has increased 38% since 2000. Continuing to climb every year. This will cause interest rates to increase and housing prices to rise as well. As these are both artificially created by the government. This truly is the best time to buy a house. Perfect Time to Buy