Interior Design Trends in a Post-Covid-19 India

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We are all living through consequential changes in this pandemic situation, and with a confined movement, there will be a variation in how we inhabit our living abode.


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Interior Design Trends in a Post-COVID-19 India We are all living through consequential changes in this pandemic situation and with a confined movement there will be a variation in how we inhabit our living abode. As everyone anticipates this pandemic to get over a majority of people have reflected concern on how to adapt sustainability. Here are a few changes that can reinvent interior design trends in Post-COVID-19 India: Sustainable materials: Reimaging interior designs trends after COVID-19 will be completely different. Those fancy and fast design trends with non-sustainable materials will not be adopted in recent times. In this precarious situation homeowners will be interested in investing in materials that are sustainable and offer a longer shelf life. Sustainable materials like stone flooring and wood furnishings will become the first priority of the clients while designing their home so that they don’t have to spend frequently. Bespoke designs: Creative expression in interior designs will witness a major paradigm shift that will follow decent decor and existing designs to fit the current requirements. Now every decision made into the interior design will be evaluated against need vs luxury instead of wants and particular likes and dislikes. The best thing will be that local artisans carpenters textile providers and craftsmen will gain prominence in this campaign. The local indigenous arts and craft sector will be incorporated in interior design and this will get uplifted through the pieces textures and furniture. Local resources: Without any clarity on the international markets it is safe to conclude that imports will be less prevalent. People will depend more upon local brands and will be ready to work with designers having readily available resources as it will prove satisfactory in terms of cost time and accessibility.

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In the prevailing scenario people will minimise extensive travels and avoid crowded markets to source materials and prefer selecting the local vendors. In fact the slogan “vocal for local” is trending in social media. This will further give a push on emphasising items that are already in stocks instead of procuring the new ones. Technological aspect: In the pandemic scenario people will invest rigorously on technology as it will become an integral part of everyday life. This will also hold true when designing and creating spaces in our home interior. Smart technological systems like AI-led designs and home automation systems will find increased accommodation in the house. The smart home will also feature voice control devices as it will reduce dependence on touching doorknobs and light switches. People will gravitate towards integrating digital media in the house and this will become a trend considering the reduced reliance on labour force and additional help. Designated spaces at home: When life will revert to normalcy post-pandemic and the threat of the virus will disappear people will still be suspicious and will wish to stay more time at home. They will prefer to curb their dependence on facilities like public transport and places.

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Work from home will emerge as the new career solution. In such circumstances there will be a need to delineate an office space to meet their day-to-day work requirements. We will witness interior design plans featuring a full-fledged home workstation with the desk chair printer and other accessories to maximise productivity. Other designated spaces can also be created like a personal relaxation zone and in-built sanitisation zone at the doorways. This will reduce the chances of possible contamination. In the wake of such a crisis scenario interior design ideas should focus on essentiality. You can even consult the ​interior designers in Pune ​ to get the best interior design trends for your home. For latest Interior Design Trends visit ​ Source: ​ 19-india/