cubic zirconia jewelry

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cubic zirconia jewelry


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Are you hesitant to spend a fortune on buying real diamonds? Are you on a tight budget? If your answer to these questions is a resounding yes, you can look into Cubic Zirconia jewelry With the popularity that they are getting nowadays, let us look into the various advantages and disadvantages that they offer. Advantages Perhaps the greatest and most important advantage of buying Cubic Zirconia jewelry is the fact that it is cheaper than diamonds. In cases of loss, you can easily replace them and you will not be feeling too awful because of the amount of money involved. Aside from that, this kind of jewelry may be worn everyday without drawing attention from robbers and thieves. The great thing about Cubic Zirconia jewelry is that it has the same quality with real diamonds. If you put them side by side, an ordinary person can hardly pinpoint on the differences. The clarity that Cubic Zirconia has is its flawless art – on a diamond clarity chart, it ranks as a Grade F. Disadvantages To keep the scale balanced, there are also disadvantages to buying Cubic Zirconia jewelry . Firstly, its fragility makes it easily breakable. Although it looks the same as real diamonds, it does not give off a sparkle. Another drawback is the radiance, which causes it to give off that kind of artificial effect. For individuals who have knowledge on looking at real diamonds, they will notice that Cubic Zirconia jewelry has a very white color and has no authentic value. If you love diamonds but cannot afford to buy real ones as of the moment, then Cubic Zirconia jewelry would be excellent for you. Remember, however, that you purchase them from reliable and reputable vendors using high quality and AAA stones. This will guarantee that you get durable and stylish jewelry at a lesser price than that of real diamonds.