Commonly Made Decor Mistakes, Home Decor Mistakes

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Check out these Commonly Make decor Mistakes that will ruin the entire look of your house. Avoid these home Decor mistakes and renovate your building with more brighten Ways.


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Commonly Made Décor Mistakes Home décor is a very subjective topic and each person has a different approach to it. Of course everyone loves a beautifully decorated house but the décor tastes may differ. While one person may like a boho theme another person might prefer a more classic theme. There are certain mistakes that are found to be made by a lot of people. Let us have a look at them: 1. Clutter – Any kind of clutter does not look good. There is a very thin line between the art of properly displaying your knick-knacks on a table and overly cluttering the table. Do not keep too many objects. Ensure that they are displayed very in an artsy sort of way. 2. Matching Décor – While having a common décor theme across the house is acceptable matching every element down to the T will make your house look like a circus. Mix and match different elements to create a beautiful vibe. Cedar cladding is a beautiful element to enhance the look of your house. 3. Poor Lighting – Having inadequate lighting is the biggest dampener a house can have. Even if you have decorated your house well poor lighting can literally destroy all your efforts. 4. Dull Entryway – If one makes a first impression of your house it will be because of your entryway. You want to ensure that you have an attractive entryway with everything in its place. After all first impression is the last impression. You can use reclaimed bricks for your entryway. 5. Ill-fitting Furniture – Do not get more furniture than your room can accommodate. For example if your room cannot accommodate a large couch get a couple of smaller decorative chairs. Ensure that you do not make the above mistakes.