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Description Are you looking for MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT? But still confused, What is Mobile application development process? If Yes, then you are at right place. In today scenario, companies and small enterprise are mostly focusing on building a mobile app presence. “ The mobile app development industry is growing at a blazing 43% per year and shows no signs of slowing down.” We have created this PPT to help you understand the process of mobile application development. These are some of the questions this PPT will answer for you: 1. What is the current stats of mobile application market? 2. How can Mobile Application be benefiting your enterprise? 3. How can small business like restaurant business or other get to heights by an mobile application? 4. How do Mobile Applications can benefits your business? 5. What your Clients are finding?


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Do You Know?:

“ “ Do You Know? In 2017 Expected Growth of Mobile App Revenue is 76.52 Billion US Dollars.

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Current Stats of Mobile Application In Market

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No Matter Large Or Small Enterprise!!:

No Matter Large Or Small Enterprise!! MOBILE APP IS THE NEED OF ALL…………

Start Up/ Mid Enterprise Benefits :

Start Up/ Mid Enterprise Benefits Access to potential customers Direct contact with your customers Targeted sales Ease of use Better customer care Enhance customer loyalty and engagement

Large Enterprise Benefits :

Large Enterprise Benefits Process Automation Information Sharing  Reduced IT Complexity  Increased Agility 

Mobile Application Development Process:



INITIATION Initiations talks about the transition of the project from sales team to technical team, where they do initial project kick off with the client and sales team to understand the requirement.

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PROCESS FLOW : The Process Flow chart provides a visual representation of the steps in a  process. Flow  charts are also referred to as   ProcessMapping or  Flow Diagrams. WIRE FRAME : Elements visible on each of the screen of the mobile application are discussed and noted down as wireframes. DESIGN

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STORYBOARD : Everything including the images to be shown, icons appearing, theme, color, background, etc is a part of storyboard. ARCHITECTURE DESIGN :  Planning and development of application architecture is performed. Coding is done to give life to the application.  TEST PLANNING : The application is tested for bugs by running various programs, performing checks at different conditions to ensure it is robust and flawless . DESIGN

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PROTOTYPE : The app is still in proof-of-concept phase and only core functionality, or specific parts of the application are working. Major bugs are present. ALPHA : Core functionality is generally code- complete (built, but not fully tested). Major bugs are still present, outlying functionality may still not be present. DEVELOPMENT

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BETA : Most functionality is now complete and has had at least light testing and bug fixing. Major known issues may still be present. RELEASE CANDIDATE : All functionality is complete and tested. Barring new bugs, the app is a candidate for release to the wild. DEVELOPMENT

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FINAL BUILD : It’s incredibly important to test your application early and often on actual devices. Even devices with the same hardware specs can vary widely in their behavior. FINAL RELEASE : The thoroughly tested and checked application is finally made available to end users. TESTING

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Customer support is a range of  customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product. SUPPORT

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What A Client Wants?? THIS IS WHAT WE OFFER………….

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Fast And Transparent Communication Excellent UI/UX Designs Bug Free Coding ROI Optimization Tech Expertise Fast Time to Market Customer Support or Life Time Support

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