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Richard Mihalcik, the Director of Public Affairs for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. He holds a Federal Criminal Investigator Degree.


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Richard Mihalcik: Reasons to Travel Overseas By : Richard Mihalcik

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Richard Mihalcik is an Admirable Richard Mihalcik is an Admirable Professional Professional Richard Mihalcik is an admirable professional who spent decades in law enforcement and holds a Federal Criminal Investigator Degree. Richard Mihalcik the Director of Public Affairs for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

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Richard Mihalcik Passionate About International Travel Richard Mihalcik passionate about international travel – he loves exploring new cultures and countries with his wife whenever possible. If you’re wondering what motivates people like Richard Mihalcik to travel overseas and place themselves in the path of new experiences

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Like These might offer some insight ● Have a Vacation ● Reflect on Yourself ● See Taste and Try New Things

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Have a Vacation Everyone deserves a vacation from the daily grind – it keeps you from burning out expands your horizons and helps you deal with stress. Traveling overseas is a great way to reconnect with yourself on a personal holiday so you can return refreshed and rejuvenated to conquer your days.

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Reflect on Yourself When you travel somewhere new you’ll immediately have a chance to step back and observe how you react to challenges you’ve never faced before especially if you don’t speak the native language. It’ll also help you reflect on your daily life back home and how happy you are with where you’re at.

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See Taste and Try New Things International travel will allow you to see taste and try new things with each passing moment. Experiencing things that are different from the norm can reawaken your sense of wonder and love for the world. You’re likely to come home with a new understanding of others new foods you enjoy new stories you’ll tell for years to come and sometimes a new lease on life.

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