Richard Mihalcik is the Director of Public Affairs

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Richard Mihalcik is the Director of Public Affairs for the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Oxford, Connecticut, a position Richard Mihalcik has held since late 2016.


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Richard Mihalcik: Public Affairs Director Richard Mihalcik is the Director of Public Affairs

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Background Of Richard Mihalcik Richard Mihalcik background incudes twenty years in law enforcement during which time he walked a beat as a police officer and spent time as a Police Department spokesman or involved in public affairs. Both of those duties prepared him for his current role.

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Responsibilities Of Richard Mihalcik Richard Mihalcik responsibilities as Director of Public Affairs he explains include “promoting the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary public image through content positioning across a portfolio of media including online print broadcast special events ... and other channels deemed viable and appropria

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Public image of Organization It has become an essential component for the development of public image to any organization.

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Public Affairs Public Relations Public Affairs also known as Public Relations means using the media to develop and maintain a positive relationship between an organization and its clients and more generally the public at large. Public Affairs professionals like Richard Mihalcik work hard to promote a brand such as the Coast Guard Auxiliary and get the public interested in it and emotionally invested in it.

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About Richard Mihalcik Life Richard Mihalcik has spent most of his life in Connecticut. He attended the University of New Haven and the Connecticut Law Enforcement Academy.

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