How to Become a Successful Children’s Book Illustrator

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How to Become a Successful Children’s Book Illustrator Becoming a children’s book illustrator isn’t a very easy job as you have to highly creative and intelligent to create mind blowing illustrations. We’re sharing here some tips for you to get started as a children’s book illustrator. 1. Hire an Agent Hiring an agent would be beneficial for you because it’s the agent who can get you quality projects and deals with the clients. Agents can also help in promoting your portfolio and can share priceless advice about the industry. Agents can help you to deal with the things that you don’t know about for e.g Contracts with the authors. 2. Continuously Work on Developing your Style Every Children’s book illustrator wants’ to have its own unique style. To develop a style one needs lots of practice and research. To get your own style you should start observing work of other famous children’s book illustrator and observe similarities between your work and their work. You should start making changes by changing the style to draw dogs face nose hands and anything that you love most to draw. If you do preserve this you will find illustration style. 3. Market Yourself on Social Media Nowadays social media has become a very good platform to showcase your work to millions of people. Publishing and marketing your work on social media can give you a significant amount of popularity and you can be famous in overnight. There are publishers who keep an eye on the accounts of children book illustrator so log in and have fun with it. RKS Illustrations Website:

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