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RH Investments is a visionary company growing around the Silicon Valley. We specialize in lucrative business ventures in the Real Estate market, providing opportunities of investment and wealth building. Our goal is to help investors to get the most out of their capital with a high degree of security and collateral protection. We invite our clients to partner with us in some of the most exclusive ventures. Every project is hand selected, carefully evaluated and highly leveraged by our financial and real estate experts. Recently closed/ funded projects and current investment inventory is available upon request.


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Diverse Opportunities:

Diverse Opportunities Straight Invest 1 st Trust of Deed Investor Bulk REO Tapes

Straight Invest:

Straight Invest Distressed Properties Short Sales Foreclosed Court Auction Net Profit Sharing 100% ownership of the title remains with investor Approximate 4-month turn around

Trust of Deed Investing:

Trust of Deed Investing Safe, secure, no risk 10-12% fixed rate 60 or below LTV 1-Year Term

Bulk REO Tapes:

Bulk REO Tapes Bulk Properties purchased from Banks Acquired at 30-40% below market value Wide Range from 5-100 tapes available Current and fresh niche market

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