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in Schools:

in Schools Erika L Zamora APU EDCO 549 March 15, 2014

Introduction to Google Docs:

Introduction to Google Docs A freeware web-based office suite offered by Google within its Google Drive service. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating with other users

How to use:

How to use Go to google.com an click on APPS option, Then click on DRIVE If you don’t have a google account, create one. Click on CREATE and begin using!

In the Classroom :

In the Classroom Students can work on an assignment at school and continue at home- no need for jump drives- no more “I forgot it at home” excuses. Students can work on group projects without having to meet outside of school Hands on projects Teachers can create online quizzes Teachers can comment on assignments in real time

Teacher Uses :

Teacher Uses Create sign up sheets and send to parents Can create a classroom website

Counseling Uses :

Counseling Uses Up to date data tracking Create surveys for students Build classes for next year Can create websites Share documents with staff Create calendars that you can access anywhere Take notes during meeting and then share with coworker who was not able to attend

Mobile Phone Access:

Mobile Phone Access Access & edit your files while away from the office/classroom Open google docs on the internet Download an application through Google drive Share files with staff and students

Advantages :

Advantages Google docs is FREE (up to 15GB storage) Improved Collaboration in classroom and amongst staff No need to send emails Makes the workplace more efficient Can be used anywhere with internet access Real time editing with peers/coworkers


Disadvantages Completely dependent on the internet Some privacy & security issues Some users report lack of quality

References :

References www.docs.google.com www.techradar.com Google Drive explained “Convert a File to a Google Document, Spreadsheet, or Presentation.”- Drive Help. “Using Form in Google Docs.” YouTube. June 2009