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Note taking for Dummys:

Note taking for Dummys By Eric Williams

Table of contents:

Table of contents Important give aways during lecture Seating is very important Know what style of note taking is best for you Read, Review, Recite. Be able to teach what’s in your notes to a classmate.

Your style of note taking:

Your style of note taking Knowing your style of note taking is important. Know the different styles of note taking. Choose the style of note taking that best suites you. Implement the style of note taking that you chose.

Important give aways during Lecture:

Important give aways during Lecture The instructor or teacher repeats certain points more than once. Pictures are drawn on the board or over head projector The instructor or teacher over infasizes or shows a lot of emotion towards certain points. Materials that repeat and tie to other materials leading to big picture. The instructor or teacher flat out states “ You might want to remember that”.

Seating is very important:

Seating is very important Sit as close to the front and in the center as possible. Never sit near people who want to talk during a lecture. Try not to sit so far in the back of the class or lecture hall.

Read, review, recite:

Read, review, recite Reading your notes is very important so you can grasp the material that your studying for. Reviewing your notes is crucial because in order to get the grade you have to study your notes. Reciting your notes is important because of the repitition of learning process it committs the information or material to memory.

Teaching Notes to Classmates:

Teaching Notes to Classmates Teaching notes to your classmates builds confidence in you and your notes. The material that your teaching from your notes gets committed to long term memory. Your classmates are taking the same class so they can give some feed back on what your teaching or give some ideas on the materials from there notes that you might have missed.