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How to Reapply US visa or IF visa got Reject then what you do?


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Revata International “You will not be left behind”:

Revata International “You will not be left behind” USA Refused Visa Consultation

About Revata International :

About Revata International Revata International – a Delhi based Consultancy firm established way back in 2001 The firm was established by Mr. Sanjay Kaushik (Former Visa-Specialist, American Embassy) The purpose behind opening this consultancy firm was to provide comprehensive and convenient service to the individuals seeking guidance in Visa (Immigrant and Non-Immigrant) The firm has also widened its branches in fields – Career Counseling and Study Abroad and has successfully counseled many students in last 3 years Revata International is known for its quality of services delivered and the accuracy of the information provided

Visa Refusal – Introduction :

Visa Refusal – Introduction While most of the Visa applications get approved but there are applications which get rejections too. In most of the cases an application can be refused because the visa officer does not have all the information required to determine the eligibility and intention of the applicant. “Rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough; it means the officer failed to understand you”

Major reasons for Visa Refusal:

Major reasons for Visa Refusal INA Section 221(g ) – Incomplete Application or Supporting Documents INA Section 214(b) – Visa Qualifications and Immigrant Intent INA Section 212(a)(4) – Public Charge INA Section 212(a)(6)(C)(i) – Fraud and Misinterpretation INA Section 212(a)(9)(B)(i) – Unlawful Presence in the United States

How can we HELP ??:

How can we HELP ?? Analyzing your profile and your background information Reviewing all interview questions asked by the visa officer and your answer to each question After the analysis finding out the main reason for your visa refusal Working on your application by preparing you with the right answers and the documentation Helping you to get your visa by building your confidence

Visa Expert:

Visa Expert He has more than 26 years of experience in visa consultation, including 12 years of working experience in American Embassy, as “Visa Specialist” Expertise in Counseling people for Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visa So far now he has counseled more than 20,000 individuals Sanjay Kaushik Founder of Revata International, started the organization back in June 2001

Thank You :

Thank You Best of Luck ! Contact Info: Revata International 299, III Floor Satya Niketan, Dhaula Kuan New Delhi – 110021 Phone Number: 011-65183333 Email: [email protected] Web:

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