How to Build a Career in the Field of Research

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The field of research is not an easy one to pursue. But that surely doesn’t translate to it being an impossible one. These tips would help you understand what it takes to kickstart your career in academic research.


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How to Build a Career in the Field of Research When looking to explore the field of research after MLSU result 2019 one should know the hard facts. A career in the field of research is something that hasn’t received the much-deserved appreciation for a long time. The reasons could be many the major one surely being the disinterest that academic departments and institutions show when it comes to providing the necessary funds. The disinterest might arise out the myopic vision the country’s bureaucracy suffers from. Such a vision has resulted from bureaucratic inefficacy to asses and acknowledge the positive effects of research in the long run. But many still have pursued a career in academic research and many continue to do

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so taking both academics and philosophy to greater heights. And if you too seem to seek motivation from this purpose alone then let us have a look into how to build a career in the field of research. Make Sure You Are Not Average This one might sound a little harsh but no other pre-requisite is needed more than this one. Look at the important and renowned discoveries made in university labs and you will know that the minds behind had an excellent academic past full of accolades. But becoming a successful researcher has little to do with grade sheets boating of A+. Here not being an “Average” student means that you have to a deep interest in whatever field you wish to pursue. Research studies are not done by the clock. They consume every single ounce of everything you could dare to call your own. SO make sure you step in this field only after you have ensured that your interest won’t wither of as soon as the toll starts to take over. Choose the Right Problems “Choosing and then solving problems” is a sentence that alone could describe why academics spend their nights of a lifetime sitting duck in labs. To have a fulfilling research career it’s important you pick up problems that have not yet been solved to their fullest. The other thing you might want to consider before choosing your research problem is the scope.

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Have the Right Literature Within Your Reach Before you do you need to read. Research means giving equal time to both conducting experiments/field work and reading. That’s why it becomes important to have the right literature within your reach. Rember the only thing important than the information itself is the source of information. Know in advance where you would be able to get all the study material. This will help you know how much work has already been done regarding your topic and what’s in progress. Get in Touch With the Right Mentors

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Finding the right mentor is the key to conducting sane research. A good mentor saves you time by pointing you in the right direction and by giving their experience rich inputs. So make sure you conduct fair research to come up with a mentor who would guide you throughout your journey. To come with the right name visit departments and its website look into research journals and connect with the right people through online networking portals. About the Author Rahul Sharma is an English professor at one of the renowned international schools of India. You can follow more of his blogs to get regular updates about MLSU result 2019

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