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Replicaters.com have reproduced lot of WW1 and WW2 Victorian military uniforms, Victorian police uniforms, and Victorian artillery uniforms in the past for international clients, theaters, and museums. Along with Victorian uniforms reproductions, they have also made replicas of military uniform accessories, insignias, army boots, cocked hats, coatees etc.


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Welcome To Replicaters:

Welcome To Replicaters https://www.replicaters.com/

ww1 British uniforms:

ww1 British uniforms The British army ww1 ( wwi , world war one) pattern 1907 service dress (SD) uniform trouser is now available at more than 10% discount.  Over 500 pairs of the British army ww1 ( wwi , world war one) pattern 1907 service dress (SD) uniform trouser have been supplied and this available in brand new more authentic finish. More Information Please Visit here! https://www.replicaters.com/ww1-british-uniform/

ww1 German uniforms:

ww1 German uniforms They are high waisted and have an adjusting belt with buckle across the lower waist line from seam to seam.  The riding trousers are tight fitting and have all the features of the trousers for foot troops but they have in addition reinforcing in the inside of the leg in Feldgrau . More Information Please Visit here! https://www.replicaters.com/imperial-german-army-uniforms-gear/

ww1 Australian uniforms:

ww1 Australian uniforms This tunic is a 100% replication of the service dress tunic of the 1914 Australian pattern SD tunic and is available in 100% wool of the correct weight. The tunic comes with full belt with brass buckle and bakelite buttons. The ww1 AIF Australian blouse or tunic is made loose fitting to allow movement and air to circulate freely. More Information Please Visit here!

Victorian uniforms:

Victorian uniforms This was a crucial period in the history of Victorian uniforms as the hard lessons of the Crimean war caused the military to switch over to Khaki uniforms for the first time and laid the foundation for the uniforms in WW1 and WW2.  The Boer war uniform tunic is priced at US$ 83/UKP45 and the Trousers are US$ 65/UKP 35 per pair delivery. More Information Please Visit here! https://www.replicaters.com/victorian-era-uniforms/

Helferin uniforms:

Helferin uniforms The Helferin uniform skirt is made with the same fabric and is a straight knee-length skirt with a single pleat (US$ 83 – including delivery charges),  Helferin trousers or slacks are available at the same price..  Black shoes for Helferin uniforms are US$ 110 delivered.  A blue-grey shirt is available for duty wear (US$ 47) and a white shirt for parade dress (US$ 47). More Information Please Visit here! http://www.replicaters.com/world-war-two-ww2-wwii-womens-uniforms-gear/

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