WW1 US army Uniform Collectables and Insignia

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Each person is fascinated by records especially related to global wars, terrific wars, and historic wars of importance and system used within the wars. folks who were a part of the arena battle 1 (ww1, international conflict one), international war 2 (ww2, global struggle ) boast in their army uniforms, the strong belts, combating system and badges.


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WW1 US army Uniform Collectables and Insignia The WWI US army had different uniforms and rank insignia during World War. US army officers had Shoulder Sleeve Insignia SSI on the shoulder seam of the left sleeve. It is said that the tradition of the US army and its uniforms are rooted in the British army of the 18th century. The WWI US army boots the officer uniforms their ranks and uniform buttons are available online for sale. Great war army uniform re-enactment companies like replicaters.com design WW1 US army

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uniforms reproductions. Some of the army clothing are common and some are very rare and thus very popular among the crazy collectors. Helmet with full liner chin strap leather skull cap winter wool arctic cap is some of the most sought-after replicas. To increase the durability of the clothing and make the uniform wear and tear proof the double stitching started. Buttons were made removable which helped during laundry.

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