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The majority of the population in the world today doesn’t remember how the world wars were fought between countries what the conditions were there during the war and what the army uniform looked like back then. They may search in Google to find the archive pictures find them on display from historians and seeing them in the museums on display. However you needed to be lucky to actually see anyone wearing ww1 ww2 army uniforms today until some years ago. There are a lot of ww1 ww2uniform reproduction companies who re-enact British replica officer uniforms gears helmets and trench coat reproduction. These army uniform reproduction companies re-enact some of the best world war 1 uniforms by country including ranks and insignia.

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Customers around the world can order world war 1 British replica uniforms world war 1 uniforms American ww1uniforms German along with Luftwaffe ranks and insignia. Additionally customers can get a lot of British ww1 ww2 uniforms info and how to order online with the uniform reproduction costs. Majority of re-enactors and theatre groups require ww1 ww2 reproduction uniforms for their plays and character roles. They use army uniform gears ww1 reproduction helmet and ww1 trench coat reproduction. eBay is filled with ww1 reproduction uniforms for sale ww1german uniform for sale and Luftwaffe uniforms for sale which collectors can purchase for their collections. Although one should make a purchase only after going through the authenticity of the items as there are lot of people and companies selling low- quality world war uniform replicas.

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If you are looking for a perfectly stitched ww1 ww2 army uniform just for you find the top online company who supplies reproductions to leading museums movie makers and theatres. Ask them what era they make army uniforms along with sending them your body measurements to stitch to perfections. In 2015 British WWI army uniform was found in a time capsule inside a school history department. The army uniform was immaculately folded and preserved since a century ago. Along with the uniforms were items used during the war front such as copies of newspapers communication cables used for maintaining communications between mine galleries and front line trenches. There are so many folklores associated with world war army uniforms and every country which took part in the war has their own story to tell. Some army uniforms were designed to camouflage the aerial reconnaissance and foot army but how many of us know them all Some fact-finding suggest that the word “khaki” used for the color of the army dress came from India.

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