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World War I World War II Army Uniform Reproductions and Fashion World fashion and military uniforms have been long associated together. One must have seen beautiful models wearing military uniforms or even racy videos of chartbuster songs have girls dancing in nazi styled military uniforms. So fashion trends arent new to military uniforms. Although in some countries it has become a federal offense to wear military uniforms or related accessories such as medals as part of fashion statement. One of the reasons could be fake uniforms being sold in the name of WW I WW II army uniform rising demands. Some companies would be making fake vintage military clothing and passing them to the worldwide customers as original WWI US or British uniforms.

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World War I army uniforms are worth a lot and are collectibles. And thus Collectable WW I military uniforms are reproduced and sold as genuine WW I army uniform reproductions . Additionally fashion industry likes to honor our Great War veterans and thus likes to showcase some of their creations in the form of army uniforms as a tribute and respect. Both men and women were part of the Great War and thus wore army uniforms. One wonders are these World War I World War II army uniforms a real treasure Why do people like to own a Great War army uniform reproductions in their attic Some army uniforms aren’t as valuable and collectible as others due to surplus or easy availability. Thus

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they aren’t as expensive or worth collecting. But some are rare such as WWI British army uniforms link to inner page or WW1 Germanuniforms . A genuine and vintage military uniform is worth thousands of dollars and even a reproduction will not come cheap. Military dress accessories like helmet photos of flags pistols Pipeband doublets airborne jump jacket and other insignia are worth collectibles based on the country it belongs to. Some collectibles go for World War soldiers’ letters but the most sought after is the letters from a Japanese POW prisoners. A prisoner letter from German POW camp isn’t much value as they are more common. Thus vintage army uniform whether it is ww1 Canadian uniforms ww1 British uniforms or even ATS uniforms are in high demand and there are companies who make reproductions based on your custom fittings. They will reproduce WWI WWII military

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uniforms based on your body type and fittings and even decorate it with accessories like medals caps belts and other insignias. Once such company is Replicaters - as the name indicates they will reenact army uniforms based on your requirements. They custom make high-quality WWI and WWII US British German Canadian army uniforms.

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