Benefits of Text Messaging services for Business


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Text messaging service for business is the best way that will give your business a growth that is incredible. With the click of a button, you can send text messages to your entire customer list.


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Benefts of Text Messaging services for Business Today we are fooded with messages from all diferent forms of communicaton including messaging apps email social media tale-marketng and much more.

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Text messages get read: • The average open rates for email foat in the 15-22 range. • On the other side open rates for Text Messaging fortfcatons over email at around 98 and most are read within 15 minutes of recepton them.

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• According to researches it takes around 90 minutes for the average person to reply to an email. But it takes around 90 seconds for the average person to reply to a text message.

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Text messaging allows organizatons to own their audience • With Facebook organic reach declining to single digits organizatons and businesses can no longer freely indorse to the communites they worked hard to build.

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