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Since it was just two of us and we were also tight on the budget, we wanted a small car that would suit our requirements perfectly fine. After much research, we choose the Renault Kwid.


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Renault Kwid price: There’s nothing better than this As a newly married couple my wife and I were staying away from our respective families for the first time. Since we both had full-time jobs weekdays were mostly spent in the office. Hence the only quality time we would be spending together was on the weekends. Also since we both were travel buffs we would visit nearby getaways for the weekend and come back to work fully refreshed on Mondays. It was on one such instance that my wife proposed that instead of going by our bike or public transport we should get our own car. Since it was just two of us and we were also tight on the budget we wanted a small car that would suit our requirements perfectly fine. After much research we choose the Renault Kwid. Besides the Renault Kwid’s price what attracted us to the car was that it reflected our aspirations. We were both driven by the desire to excel in our respective jobs and the Kwid symbolised exactly the same. On the outside the car had an SUV inspired stance which we found very attractive. The silver streak LED DRLs SUV styled headlamps the stylish front grille eye- catching tail lamps with LED guidelines grabbed our attention the moment we saw them. As we stepped in the dashboard became the centre of our attention along with the plush seat upholstery. While my wife liked the 279L of huge boot space ample other storage

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areas and ergonomic seating I was impressed by the technology in the car like the 20.32 cm touchscreen floor console-mounted AMT dial and LED digital instrument cluster. However what impressed us both was the fact that the car was safe too The attractive Renault Kwid price of Rs. 3.32 lakh ex. Showroom Delhi did not mean that Renault had cut corners when it came to the safety of passengers. The car had dual airbags on the front reverse parking sensors for tight parking spots ABS EBD for total car control in emergencies and even seat belt reminders to warn you. Plus the build quality of the Kwid instilled our confidence in the car. The car had a peppy 1L petrol engine that allowed us to zip through traffic. It even used the Smart Control efficiency SCe engine technology which delivered better fuel efficiency by continuously monitoring the air-fuel ratio. The suspension was calibrated for an optimal ride. The car even stood high at 184 mm of ground clearance which meant that speed breakers or potholes were no longer our concern.

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As a package the car stood out from the rest of the cars that we had shortlisted. The Renault Kwid price just helped us to close the deal faster. But the Kwid also created a major problem for us. Now every time we decide to go out on the weekend my wife and I usually start to fight over who gets to be behind the wheel. But then we have also devised an easy solution for it. We simply flip a coin and the winner gets to drive throughout the onward journey while the loser gets to drive on the return