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Top Ten Tips For a Stress Free Move:

Top Ten Tips For a Stress Free Move


Moving house is a tough job and often compounded by a lot of stress. Moving house can put you under a lot of emotional stress. By properly planning one can ease the process of house moving. By hiring R emovalists Adelaide , one can relax, while the experienced team of professionals handle the move systematically. 2

1. Prepare: House Moving Checklist:

1. Prepare: House Moving Checklist 3


House Moving Checklist will assists in organizing the entire process of moving thus saving you from unnecessary stress. Through this checklist you can keep a track of entire activity of house moving. 4

2. Packing:

2. P acking 5


Start packing well in advance and try to avoid last minute hassle. Use good quality packing material, preferably use card board boxes and bubble wrap for glass pieces and ceramic utensils. Ensure that you are done with packing before the arrival of Removalists Adelaide. 6

3. Sort out belongings:

3. Sort out belongings 7


It is important to keep in mind, pack only those stuffs which are of use. It is always better discard or donate all the belongings which is of no longer use to you for example a broken electrical home appliance etc. If confused you can take the help of experienced furniture removals Adelaide. 8

4.Essentails Bag:

4.Essentails Bag 9


Pack a separate bag containing all the important documents such as financial documents, new house keys, snacks, water bottle etc. Don’t forget to pay spe cial attention to the bag, so that you don’t end up loosing your important documents. 10

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