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Swamatics is one of the top bio gas Blower, Truck blower and Screw blower manufacturers in India for industrial centrifugal fan and blower. Visit:


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Swam Pneumatics Private Limited:

Swam Pneumatics Private Limited

Twine lobe rotary air blower:

Twine lobe rotary air blower Twin lobe rotary air blowers  belong to the category of positive displacement blowers. They consist of a pair of involute profiled  lobes/rotors rotating inside an oval shaped casing, closed at ends by side plates.

How does twine lobe rotary air blower work:

How does twine lobe rotary air blower work   The conventional  rotary air blower  uses two or three lobed rotors that rotate within an oval-shaped casing to draw air into the chamber and force it out the opposite side. When the rotor  lobes  uncover the exit port, it allows some air flow to move back into the casing, resulting in pressure pulsations.

Our Products:

Our Products Rotary piston air blower Screw blower Truck blower


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