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Department of Education ME ONLINE ePortfolios and Social Media for Teachers

Roger Stack:

Roger Stack Social Media in 2016 Online Presence ePortfolios Policy, Privacy and Security Practice  Presentations Question: Which social media do you use?


Department of Education Social Media Video


Students and Educators in 2016 Are living with social media Learning Growing Participating Creating Living as a teenager Working as a young adult


‘ Online presence’ Tell your own story Identity Activity Reputation Take Care What You Share


Social Media Policy and Procedures Enabling the opportunities that social media can bring to communication and learning Be… Professional Responsible Respectful


Maintain professional employee/student relationships . No student ‘friends’ outside the professional relationship; Only post pictures or videos of students directly related to learning and made explicit; Don’t post public opinion about students, colleagues or the Department; Manage privacy settings so students cannot see social content; Professional Standards for Staff: Policy , Guidelines


85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft skills and people skills 15% comes from technical and knowledge skills Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Centre


Social media provides a window to people skills


2/3 of people look up a potential date 80-90% of employers shortlist applicants Sporting associations screen potential players Google and social media searches… Positive Helpful Respectful Responsible Creativity Interests


Digital Identity and Reputation A poor online reputation can affect your friendships, relationships and job prospects.


Digital Identity and Reputation Who are you online? Check privacy settings Think before you post U pload your content Delete unwanted content ( D on’t panic if you can’t.) A poor online reputation can affect your friendships, relationships and job prospects.


Get Hired – Not Fired! 10 people who lost their jobs over social media mistakes Source: Erica Swallow


Digital Citizenship Building a Personal Digital Strategy Digital Identity Online Presence


Get past the Resume Bot Used by 80% of large Australian employers and recruiting agencies


Online Presence Previous SM Advice Lock down all settings Limit public profile Limit online publishing No student contact Current SM Advice Be comfortable with privacy settings Professional public profile Purposeful online publishing Responsible and respectful comments Limit social student contact Own your online presence


Get noticed by a Recruitment Bot Professional online identity Respectful comments LinkedIn


Getting a Job Interview In the past… Resume Job application Today… ePortfolio Online presence Resume (screened by bots ) Online job application form


Section 7.4 - ME Online E mployers check Google and social media A dvantages for students with a professional , responsible and respectful online presence Online folio can showcase interests , skills and achievements Students should not be pressured into using a social media service.


ME Online


ME Online URL for Employer


ePortfolio Own your online presence Resume


ME Online TASK 1 Sign in and select ‘My e-Portfolio’ Choose colour Add text to ‘Summary Paragraph’ Select options to display in ‘My eProfile ’ Select ‘My Documents’ and add a PDF/RTF and an image Save and preview qr / efolio


ePortfolio Manage your settings


Manage your settings


Manage your settings


Social network for work/career Photos and 1 min videos Micro blogging Video sharing Video sharing SlideShare PowerPoint/PDF * No DoE Access ME Online


Social Media Service Purpose Suggested years Two factor login Hide social content and moderate comments National eSafety Guides LinkedIn Professional profile and networking 9-12 Yes Shouldn’t be any social content LinkedIn Guide Flickr Photo and short video sharing 9-12 No Yes but public by default Flickr Guide Tumblr Microblog sharing 9-12 Yes Some control but public by default Tumblr Guide Vimeo Video sharing 7-12 No Yes but public by default Vimeo Guide YouTube Video sharing - popular 7-12 Yes Yes but public by default YouTube Guide ME Online Social Media Guide


ME Online Safety Your resume contains personal information . ME Online uses private and secure storage: O nly share your ePortfolio URL with trusted people and organisations P rotect your password O nly put necessary personal information in your resume.


Ownership, use and security of your online content You retain ownership of your content. Manage your privacy settings . Control how your content is used by choosing a Creative Commons Licence . Use reliable storage from reputable cloud services . Secure your login using two-factor authentication .


Your password is the weakest link! Use two-factor authentication Facebook CEO accounts hacked. Secure your LinkedIn , Facebook, Twitter, YouTube accounts


Too many usernames a nd passwords! Connecting to Cloud Services Years 9-12 Student o wned a nd secure …and many other cloud services


ME Online and Social Media Years 9-12


ME Online and Social Media Years 9-12


Own your online presence


Permission and Copyright If you upload photos or videos showing your skills and interests: Get permission from other people in the photo/video Get permission from the workplace , volunteer organisation, sporting venue or someone’s home… Use images/graphics/video that are not copyright. Use Creative Commons search.


Be Safe Online: eSafety Guides National eSafety Guides LinkedIn Guide Flickr Guide Tumblr Guide Vimeo Guide YouTube Guide


“Facebook for professionals” Our mission is to connect the world's professionals to allow them to be more productive and successful.


1,400 Department staff on LinkedIn 90% professionals in the USA Terms of Service Do  Use your real name Use your real photo (head) Provide correct information Be professional Don’t  Create a false identity Link to people you don’t know Post inappropriate, inaccurate, or objectionable content


Documents Videos Live webinars Help Quick LinkedIn sign up guide for staff Customise LinkedIn Settings Playlist


TASK 2 Sign in or create a new LinkedIn account Create profile (New account) Edit profile Check Privacy and Settings with colleagues Department of Education Tasmania My Education Group Like, comment DoE posts Endorse a colleague’s skills


Add u seful contacts N ot ‘friends’


MY Education - Professional Networks Playlists My Education ME Online Department of Education


Ongoing Community of Practice for ME Online Login with DoE Username/password . Search for ‘My Education’ and join the group. Yammer apps are available for iPhone/iPad Android Windows 8


MY Education - Bookmarks


ePortfolios and Social Media Support: Cyber Safety Digital Citizenship Digital Technologies Curriculum Pathways to Work – Level 1 Work Readiness – Level 2 My Education Framework


Advanced: Optimising your Search Engine Results Update all your public profiles on social media a Rank highly in Google search r esults


ME Online and Social Media Document Backup (Years 7-9) Document Backup School


ME Online and Social Media Document Backup (Years 9-12) Document Backup Student


Your Google Account Security Personal Info and Privacy


Your Google Account Security Personal Info and Privacy



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