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Watch this as a video presentation here: Using Google to Attract Qualified Sales Leads Over 89% of all clicks on Google are on the first page and in certain circumstance, those people searching are ready to buy! What are you doing to get on the first page of Google so that you can capture those people as clients? In this one hour minute Net Cast, Kersten Kloss and Chris Hamilton will show you numerous techniques to use Google as a Sales Lead Generation machine.


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Google for Sales:

Google for Sales Presented by: Kersten Kloss Refreshed IT Chris Hamilton


Overview Understanding of different Google services Where to get started What works for you By no means everything Could be used by a business or an individual Any Google Technology may become obsolete – Wave?

Google Statistics:

Google Statistics 71% of all searches on Google 40% of all searches on Google are Local 89% of all clicks are on the first page 80% of all Google users do local searches 7.4% of all website visits – 2 nd to Facebook Yahoo is #2 in search with 14.4% or 5 times less Bing is 3 rd with 9.7% or 7.3 times less You Tube is 5 th most visited site and 2 nd most visited social networking site From Hitwise

The 2 most compelling stat:

The 2 most compelling stat In 40% of searches a location is used 82% of people using a location in their phrase either: Browse the site Call the business Contact by phone Go to the physical location 33 people out of 100 will buy a product or service like yours if you are found on Google Want to sell your product or service and beat out your competition?

How Google Helps Sales:

How Google Helps Sales

Do the Math::

Do the Math: 71% of all searches are on Google 40% of those searches are for a local service or product 80% of Google users look for local products and services 89% of all clicks on Google are on the first page There are 10 to 17 search results on the first page If you are not on the first page for your product or service then someone else’s is Bottom line: If you are not on the first page of Google you are loosing sales

So what are you doing to get found::

So what are you doing to get found: What is your plan to being found Google Can not avoid not being found on Google Need to ensure brand reputation More search is becoming local based Local search is for products and services

What are the Google Applications?:

What are the Google Applications? Google Account Google Places You Tube Google Merchant Center and Google Base Google Local Shopping Google Insights and Trends Blogger Google Alerts Google Analytics Others

Set Up a Google Account:

Set Up a Google Account Go to or Google “Google Account” Access to all your Google information

Google Places:

Google Places The Yellow pages of the Internet Typically for a business Can potentially give you a first page ranking Drive tons of targeted traffic your way Coupons and posts Need a way for someone to reach you Use pictures and videos Great Tip: Select Categories and potentially add your geography

Reviews on Google Places:

Reviews on Google Places The new word of mouth Bad reviews can kill your business Monitor your listing regularly Get clients to post positive reviews Post positive reviews on your clients sites

Google Hot Pot:

Google Hot Pot Location based social networking

You Tube:

You Tube Google loves video – 53X’s Targeted traffic Embed on your own site Keywords and descriptions are key Insights – See where traffic is coming from Invite others to connect & subscribe Just try it Great Tip: Put your web address and contact information on videos

Google Merchant Center/Base:

Google Merchant Center/Base Google Merchant Center: Only for those who sell online Sell your Products Free to use Google Base: For real estate, jobs and vehicles Listed out on Google Maps Great Tip : Focus on short description

Google Local Shopping:

Google Local Shopping New on Google – Sign up ASAP and beat your competitors Combines Merchant account with Google Places Get your products listed Locally Huge opportunities to sell

Google Insights & Google Trends:

Google Insights & Google Trends Google’s way to show search terms Find out what words trigger for your industry Find up and coming terms


Blogger Google’s blogging platform Google loves new content Different strategies to increase findability Drive qualified leads Get rankings for specific keywords Great Tip: Add Feedburner – Allow people to subscribe Great Tip: Add an email subscription service

Google Alerts:

Google Alerts Email and/or RSS feed notification system Triggered by keywords or phrases Results can be for news, blogs, updates, video, discussions See what is being said about you Spy on your competition Great Tip : Track companies for new employees or events that can lead to potential sales

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics Can’t track what you don’t know Information can help guide your business Where do my visitors come from How are they finding me What are they looking at How long they are staying Prospecting Tips: Track prospects and see what they are looking at See what companies are visiting and how often

Finding an Email Address/Prospect:

Finding an Email Address/Prospect Email: * or [email protected] Prospect: Term Vice President Wild Cards: Use the * or wildcard Vice President * Company * term Image:


Others: Adwords - Drive targeted traffic to your site Organic Search – Keyword rich Keyword Tool – use the right words great for LinkedIn Profile Google Product Search ( Froogle ) – Find competitors prices Google Reader Google Sites Feedburner AdMob – Mobile advertising Profiles – How others see you on Google


Examples: School in Calgary: Google Places: 4,000 impressions -> 3% click thru -> 1,440 additional visits/year Adwords : 20 to 50 targeted leads per month Goal achieved: 50% more students enrolled Luxfiend: Google Merchant: Over 600,000 impressions/month Drive potentially 100 to 200 additional website visits per day Convert to buyers!!!!!

Build a Plan and Follow:

Build a Plan and Follow Pick what Google applications will work for you Learn more about the applications you choose Revisit a plan on a weekly or monthly basis Start with one application and add more IMPORTANT: Have a way for people to contact you on your web site or blog



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Net Cast Portal:

Net Cast Portal Sales tool Vet prospects quicker Work with qualified prospects Close business quicker One to many approach not 1 to 1 We Compensate Well for Leads That Become Sales

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