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The secrets of using social Media and Other marketing Tips :

The secrets of using social Media and Other marketing Tips Chris Hamilton www.SalesTipADay.com

What is this presentation about?:

What is this presentation about? Giving you knowledge so that you can get started using social media Teach you numerous tips and tricks you can use to promote yourself, your company and your products

Who am I:

Who am I 25+ years in Sales and Marketing Fortune 500 ’ s and start ups Write a daily sales and marketing blog - Top 1% Interview best selling authors Contributing Author to a #1 best seller on social media And a great guy


Agenda What is Social Media How To Use Social Media The 5 Heavy Weights 5 Things you need On Your Website Now! How I got in a #1 best seller


Objectives Show you different social media tactics to generate sales leads The One social media tool that generates 82% of all sales leads Tying together numerous social media tactics A platform you can leverage to for a sales hub Taking the cold out of cold calling 5 must haves on your website

Drinking from a fire hose:

Drinking from a fire hose We are recording this event Contact me at [email protected] 403-630-1243 Come see me afterwards

What is social media?:

What is social media? Wikipedia: Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks ? Huh?

PowerPoint Presentation:

I found something cool I want to show you!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Also, it ’ s in the term Social Media

The Rules Social Media:

The Rules Social Media Rule 1: There are no rules Rule 2: The secret is Use Social Media how it best works for you Rule 3: Social Media is not marketing - it ’ s tools you use in marketing Rule 4: You need to keep at it every day

the 5 heavyweights:

the 5 heavyweights

The Stats:

The Stats 1.06 Billion 343 Million 500 Million 200 Million 25 Million

PowerPoint Presentation:

Twitter is about being heard 32% of Social Media Use but delivers 82% of sales leads 27% of Twitter users log on every day 25% follow a brand 67% who follow a brand go on and buy from the brand

Twitter Tactic:

Twitter Tactic Target Your Audience - Look for people in your ideal market - Tweet Adder Create some compelling content Create a landing page on your website Create a tweet with a Hashtag - hastag.org Capture names and emails Market on a continual basis

12 Things about Twitter:

12 Things about Twitter Tweet regularly Can be a great source of traffic Respond to people Share Information Get your point across 120 Characters or less

12 Things about Twitter:

12 Things about Twitter Use hashtags Tweets have a short shelf life Use Hootsuite It ’ s a great way to find opportunities Tweet when your audience is online Your followers rock

PowerPoint Presentation:

You following your passion Google is hedging a lot on Google+ and it ’ s paying off This is a Facebook Killer

Google Plus Tactics:

Google Plus Tactics Claim your business listing and get testimonials Set up a personal profile Start circling people in your demographic Google Plus Communities - Set up one and Join Some Google Hangouts Use a Hashtag # on posts Added bonus - You show up in peoples results - Personalized Results

PowerPoint Presentation:

This is your business network Average age is 44 years old 79% are older than 35 Average Income is $86,000 US

Linkedin Tactics:

Linkedin Tactics Your Profile - Only 50% complete - so Complete and keyword rich Start a Group - Invite people to join Join Groups in your target demographic - allows you to send messages directly to people LinkedIn Advertising - Nail your market

PowerPoint Presentation:

Connecting with your buddies and family

PowerPoint Presentation:

Tactics: Put a Facebook share button on your site Get people to like your Facebook page - You can advertise directly to them Capture a name and email and use with email marketing

PowerPoint Presentation:

Your visual side

PowerPoint Presentation:

Tactics: Optimize your profile Create targeted pinboards - ie . golf apparel Add images - Take pictures from your website and add Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts


Suggestion Start with 1 and know it and then move on to the next Order: Twitter Google+ Facebook Linked Pinterest

Some Others:

Some Others

Tips on Social media profiles:

Tips on Social media profiles Use Keywords in your profiles Have a good profile picture Give people ways to reach you Have your website link Put your other social media links in

PowerPoint Presentation:

5 Things You Need on Your Website Now!

1. Social share widget:

1. Social share widget Only used by 35% of all websites Facebook - 65% Google+ - 42% Twitter - 29% Pinterest and LinkedIn - 4%

social share widgets:

social share widgets

2. Live chat:

2. Live chat Taking the cold out of cold calling 80% of visitors leave Up to 15% can become engaged Up to 24% of them can become customers 3 in every 100 - These are better odds than the people who visit more than once 24-7 Sales Lead Machine

3. remarketing:

3. remarketing 30% less expensive 70% higher conversion factor 400% greater response rate when used with other advertising Building a list

4. email marketing:

4. email marketing Highest ROI on any paid marketing Over 4000% Open rates are higher now by 16% compared to 2009 The word “ Secret ” in the subject line gets opened 65% prefer pictures to text 6AM Saturday mornings get the highest click thru rates Use “ Click Here ” as it gets the highest click thru rate hubspot

PowerPoint Presentation:

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Extra Bonus - Email marketing:

Extra Bonus - Email marketing Make your clients more profitable Help your clients at trade shows they attend If you layer in Email Marketing it is up to 61 X ’ s more effective Show them how to get more sales and you get more sales

5. Goole Local Listing:

5. Goole Local Listing This is Google ’ s next big thing!!!!! This drives traffic to your website - Think Sales Leads Get Found on Multiple Categories Customer Reviews are King! It ’ s Free

PowerPoint Presentation:

only 2 companies have claimed

How did I get in a #1 book:

How did I get in a #1 book Set up a blog Wrote content Tweeted the content

the secret:

the secret Start a blog - Pictures/video/written Create content Let Onlywire distribute it Use HootSuite to engage

did I accomplish everything?:

did I accomplish everything? Use Different Social Media Tools to generate sales leads The 1 social media tool that delivers 82% of sales leads Tie numerous social media and marketing tools to work together Create a platform that you can leverage to act as a hub for sales-leads Take the cold out of “ cold calling ” with one tool that will generate sales leads Five “ must-haves ” you should have on your website


Video The video of this event will be available at www.SalesTipADay.com/pppc-video/ within the next couple of days

PowerPoint Presentation:

Thank you for your time Please contact me if you have questions [email protected] 1-403-630-1243

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Want to see how I got over $11,000 in free advertising?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Leverage a network

PowerPoint Presentation:

The Math Calgary House For Sale Cost is Roughly $1.50 7,645 Clicks = $11,467.50 Took me less than 1 hour to do this Would you do this?