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How to Get Up to 400%+ More Leads From Your Ad:

How to Get Up to 400%+ More Leads From Your Ad

Place An Ad:

Place An Ad Ads have about a low response rate - about 0.1% 80% of ads list features which are ignored by people Offer more than 1 way to contact you 2 options deliver a 20% and 60% greater response 3 options provide between 60% and 125% better response

Top 6 Mistakes WIth Ads:

Top 6 Mistakes WIth Ads Only list a phone number & Not a unique phone number Web page doesn ’ t correspond with the ad No Call To Action Features listed not benefits Too much verbiage Not nurturing these prospects through a sales funnel

The Regular Way:

The Regular Way Place an ad Get between 0.1% and 0.2% response Follow Up on these leads


Example Full page ad with a telephone number Cost is $5000 and readership is 150,000 Expect to get 150 lead from a 0.1% response rate This is $33 per lead

Our Way:

Our Way Place an ad with 3 ways to contact you Direct to a specific landing page - Informational Provide a retargeting process to increase your leads by 4-fold Capture names and emails to continue marketing See who is coming to your site


Example Generate 150 leads your way at $33 per lead Layer in our process and generate 600 leads at a cost of between $0.50 and $2.00 per lead Blended rate of approximately $8.00 per lead A 76% savings - With a 4 x ’ s plus increase in sales leads