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The Secret to More Trade Show Sales Leads:

The Secret to More Trade Show Sales Leads Presented By: Chris Hamilton Kersten Kloss www.NetCastEvent

The Stats:

The Stats 80% of leads are not followed up on 80% of leads are not set to buy 80% of leads don’t buy until after the 5th contact

The Math::

The Math: Start with 100 20% of 20% = 4 Less than 5 touches = 0.8

Could Be::

Could Be: Start with 100 80% of 80% = 64 5+ touches = 51.2

PowerPoint Presentation:

Let’s Compare

PowerPoint Presentation:

Your Way

PowerPoint Presentation:

Our Way


So... Even if half of the leads where to potentially buy in the future, then you will have a 32 X’s greater chance of getting their business

The Process::

The Process: Email campaign 4, 14, 30 and 30 repeat Segment Track See links they click on

Email Campaign::

Email Campaign: Add names to the email service Craft a follow up letter Send the letter Track the Clicks Create follow up emails Track and follow

See Who Opened::

See Who Opened:

See How Many Opens::

See How Many Opens:

What They Clicked::

What They Clicked:

Follow Up::

Follow Up: See who clicked How much they clicked See what they clicked Build a plan of attack Get the Business!!!!

Our Offer::

Our Offer: Run a process that will dramatically increase your chances of sales Automatically add names to an email marketing campaign

Capture Names 6 Ways:

Capture Names 6 Ways Business Card Sign Up Sheet Email QR Code Facebook Like Text Message

Text Messages:

Text Messages 325% better uptake 70% to 100% read rate Capture the number for mobile marketing Capture name and email for email marketing


Comparison: $10,000 1000 Prospects 8 leads $1250/lead $10,000 + $750 1000 Prospects 520 leads $20/lead 62 X’s more effective

PowerPoint Presentation:

All for $750

PowerPoint Presentation:

Contact us at 1-877-782-2864 403-630-1243 or [email protected]